Google: Chrome now has 750 million active users

Google's Chrome web browser is either more popular that Microsoft's Internet Explorer, if you buy StatCounter's numbers, or less popular if you think Net Applications has the right data. Today, Google gave some hard numbers at least in terms of the users of Chrome as part of its Google I/O keynote.

At the moment, Google says there are now 750 million monthly active users for the Chrome browser, adding that 300 million new users have started using Chrome just in the last 12 months. The presentation did not break down just how many of those Chrome users were on mobile devices, with the company stating only that the mobile use is "growing."

The keynote showed off a Chrome demo of a web browser experience made to promote the next movie in The Hobbit triolgy, showing that the website runs just as well on a Nexus 10 tablet with the Chrome browser as it does on a Chromebook Pixel laptop.

The keynote also talked briefly about the Chrome OS and Chromebooks, saying that the $249 Samsung Chromebook has been the number one best selling laptop on for 190 straight days. Google said they will offer more information about the future of the Chrome OS later this year.

Image via Google

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CaptainBeno said,

No idea what planet you live on but google+ is very very active and so much better then Facebook

I agree with 'so much better'. Not so with 'google+ is very very active'.

I have 5 computing devices, all have Chrome available (and launched at least once this year) but NONE have me signed into that Chrome sign-in crap. SO I guess I count as 5+ "users" even though I don't really use it.

So let me ask this...Is an active user someone who updated flash, didn't uncheck the "Install Chrome as my default browser" and then open a link to the internet only to find that Chrome opens up and not IE or whatever they had as default before.

I have had to uninstall Chrome from my parents, sisters and wife's computer at least 10 times in the last year due to this. Oh and let's not forget the Go**amn tool bar too.

I have no problem with Chrome but this BS is BS

Oh and I don't want to give Java a pass with that "Ask" frigging toolbar either

not just flash, but pretty most of freeware stuff ive downloaded has this to auto install,unless you look carefully and uncheck "install chrome". And people wonder why Microsoft is going in the direction of the Windows Store.

A lot of programs ask to install Chrome and make it your default. Wonder how many of these got installed and set as default without novices knowing/catching right away.

I use Chrome on my phone, but not the PC.

So assuming 1/10 actually choose to download Chrome without doing it by accident... Seems like a lot of people got infected with spyware

If Microsoft had just released Internet Explorer 7 in February 2003, then IE 8 in 2004, then IE 9 with Windows Vista, then IE 10 with Windows 7 RTM, none of this would have happened. That was a terrible idea to tie browser releases to Windows.

I know a lot of people who have Chrome, Firefox, and IE (by default) installed, though they only use one. And that is just casual users whose computers I fix up every once in a while. Most don't even know when one is installed, or can tell the difference between them.

The point I'd make about this data is what amount mobile browsers represent, which Google dismissed. That will be a large chunk of the numbers that does not accurately reflect the PC platform usage, which makes all of these statistics useless.

That's the thing. If the vast majority of the new users is via Android then it doesn't really reflect a change in people's preference.

Athernar said,
750 million users on a crippled browser with poor support for open web standards.

AKA IE6 all over again.

99% of the world has no idea what poor support for open web standards even is

and whats funny is i have no idea what poor support for open web standards is and it does not effect me in any way shape or form my internet works great.

give us some facts please with sources

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