Google co-founder likens managing Windows to torture

At Google’s I/O 2011 conference, Google co-founder Sergey Brin has used harsh words to criticize Microsoft’s Windows operating system, outlining why Google is tackling Microsoft in the heavily one-sided OS market. Captured by GeekWire during a press conference, Brin said:

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with Windows … Windows 7 has some great security features. With Microsoft, and other operating system vendors, I think the complexity of managing your computer is really torturing users … It’s torturing everyone in this room. It’s a flawed model fundamentally.

Through this Brin is likening the Windows Update process to torture – bold words considering how easy the process is to grasp, especially if you select automatic updates. This is of course an exaggerated comparison between the Windows way of updates and the Chrome OS way, the latter of which is promising seamless and essentially invisible OS updates, removing consumers from the process of updating the OS all together.

At the Google I/O Day 2 keynote Google announced the Chromebook; a mobile device such as a laptop that runs Google Chrome OS. Two Chromebooks have been announced for a June 15 pre-order date, with I/O attendees being given one when they are available. Google also announced a subscription package, allowing businesses to rent Chromebooks for $28 per month, or $20 in a school environment.

Also, this isn’t the first time Google has tried to present Chrome OS as the superior operating system stating in November last year that 60% of businesses could immediately replace their Windows-based systems with Chrome OS machines.

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ok for one i dont't see alot of people all worried abou this google os working within your browser crap. Yes its free just like psn is free and look what happend to it. I would rather stick with an os that gets constant care. i see microsoft coming out with a light version of windows which i think they already have. I don't trust google with anything they can't even make a secure email client for the lapd because of all the ads and progams designed to see what they are doing or looking at and you want to put them in control over your os and get info on what your doing. Have you noticed when you surf the web you get ads on stuff that you looked up before or interested in. No thankyou Google im and staying with MS and switching to bing.

Driver hunting, defragmenting, disk cleanup, antivirus, antispyware, Windows Update... I see his point.
Although calling it "torture" is a little extreme, it IS very annoying and I'm sick of it too.

How is it torture? It's easy as **** even for users on home PC's it just requires common sense. I refuse to carer to idiots, I prefer to make them smarter.

Brin's remarks are totally off key. I suppose his answer to Windows is ChromeOS? Chrome can't run real applications. If they aren't web-enabled then I don't see the point. The only thing they have in common is name only...Operating System. But the functions is totally different in how things are handled.

To criticize Windows after 30 years of dominating the industry as being the standard best all-purpose software is just stupid. No other operating system in the world offers the flexibility and satbality and ease of use as Windows. Not even OSX. Unix or Solaris aren't even in the picture because they simply aren't desktop worthy on ANY level.

Chrome is basically a modified web browser. It is not an operating system just because it can boot. It can't do what Windows can. Try bein compatible with over 500,000 devices. Try being compatible with over 1M applications. Try owning an industry for 30 years with no one doing anything but making BS calims about being better.

One day someone will likely dethrone Windows, and then maybe not. Microsoft may be behind in the mobile workspace, but they are not out. There is no such thing as being to late in the industry. Nontendo had been number one after Atari's demise and until Sony beat them later. Microsoft blindsided them both and simply took over. How? With better quality. There is nothing out there better than Windows. OSX doesn't offer better security. Linux doesn't offer the same compatibility. The enterprise is sold on WIndows not because they like it, because for integration and flexibility no other OS is even close. Chrome is a pet project gone live that isn't going to offer the same benefits. Its basically Firefox made to boot from a drive.

The easiest way to beat Chrome and show its junk is to write the exploit directly into the code where it is executed everytime you turn it on. Any web enabled device can be exploited. Chrome isn't the answer to Windows Brin. Sorry to bust your bubble.

Windows is a bad model indeed. Its so bad that even Apple copying many of its basica functions has help it beat Windows.

Hey, Sergey, if using Windows is such torture, why was the entire 2nd day keynote run on a Windows machine? Were you not able to find a MacBook Pro or Linux notebook to run your WebGL-modified FishIE Tank demo? If your ChromeBook is ready for prime-time, why didn't you use IT to run the keynote?

If you are a Google employee and have a nightmare managing a Windows installation, I would question heavily your IQ.

It's really not that complicated, and on an enterprise level... it's better than Linux.

Considering I still have issues simply connecting to WiFi on my CR-48, I don't think Google has any room to talk about their competition unless it's "they're better."

Big words from a man who has yet to sell a single unit. Google's solution is in fact an admission of defeat; rather than providing a better computer experience they are instead selling a tablet/smart phone experience in a netbook form factor; you're tied into a web browser and second-rate apps with your data and indeed all computer functionality subject to the fickle nature of the cloud on some level or other.

Microsoft's solution for Windows 8 is to add rather than taking away; by introducing an app store the upkeep of third-party software will inevitably become a thing of the past; user data and software will be more portable without sacrificing the power and flexibility of having a real operating system under the hood.

Looks like Google wants to win everything...but they'll have to do more than that to win the Trolling championship against Mozilla, MS and Apple...

What will be torture is when the service goes down or your connection to the www goes tits up and you can't get at that important file you need for that important meeting you are about to go into...

The only thing i find torture in Windows is the control panel, that thing needs simplifying, not that it's hard.. just way too bloated. You need to go through lots of menu's to get to what you want, especially with the network connections side of it, which seems to send you around in circles?. When working in windows 7 i pretty much type the name of what i want in the search box 'network connections', 'network adapters', 'internet options', i dont think the average consumer will do this though.

"Google co-founder likens managing Windows to torture" - so what's new? But Google Android isn't much better and that's just a mobile phone OS, not a full blown PC system.

At this point I would not trust any OS to update itself. I rather have the ability to choose when to install updates.

Pam14160 said,
At this point I would not trust any OS to update itself. I rather have the ability to choose when to install updates.


For them to think I would trust Google/Chrome to do ANYTHING automatically on my machines is crazy!! Of course, I don't have a single thing of Googles or Chrome on my machines either.

That's just because that's how much I DON'T trust them!!

Field Commander A9 said,
Exactly the opposite:
The "Chrome OS way" of updating is a real nightmare to admins.

Can't wait to see the forced updates cause some OS's to not boot! OH YES, it shall happen!

Sensationalist headline, there. The quote doesn't refer to Windows being 'torture' specifically. If that were posted as a comment, it would be rightly identified as trolling.

As you mentioned, if you select Automatic Updates there isn't really any end difference in the way Chrome and Windows 7 handles updates.

Are they talking about enterprise administration?

chAos972 said,
As you mentioned, if you select Automatic Updates there isn't really any end difference in the way Chrome and Windows 7 handles updates.

Are they talking about enterprise administration?

They must be, while windows updates can be a pita when they fail they are the lower end of things that cause me "torture"