Google I/O 2014 ticket registration begins; will use lottery system

As previously announced, Google has started taking registrations for tickets to its 2014 edition of its I/O developer conference. This year's event will use a lottery system to give out the actual tickets; people have until April 18th at 2 pm Pacific Time (5 pm Eastern time) to sign up for the lottery.

The Google Developer blog has a small hint of what will be discussed at Google I/O 2014:

While we aren't ready to share what’s up our sleeves just yet, we can share with you that we’re focusing on three key themes this year: design, develop and distribute--helping you build and prove your app from start to finish.

The blog also says developers will have more time this year at I/O to chat with Google employees and partners, and demo apps, in the "Sandbox" part of the conference. There will also be a "streamlined" conference schedule that will be revealed in May.

If people register for I/O but don't get picked to attend in person, the keynote and other parts of the conference will be live-streamed for them to watch remotely. Last year's keynote famously showed off Google Glass being used live by skydivers that dropped from a perfectly good plane, who parachuted down to the roof of the Moscone Center, filming their adventure all the way to the stage.

Source: Google I/O and Google Developer blog | Image via Google

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skydivers that dropped from a perfectly good plane
Umm, what? Did you think skydivers always dived from burning planes or something? :huh:

Romero said,
Umm, what? Did you think skydivers always dived from burning planes or something? :huh:

It was a perfectly good plane. Unfortunately, the pilot also parachuted off and the plane descended until it eventually crashed into the Google barge.