Google Issued Patent for "Similarity-Engine"

According to a filing issued to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, patent 7,158,961, Google is working on deploying a "similarity-engine" that would compare documents and websites for redundancy. Most searches online produce similar results or exactly the same results. By eliminating the dupes, Google should be able to provide the user with the most relevant information.

The similarity-engine will be based on creating and calculating differences and sums in vectors. That means comparing differences in text and images would be plausible. Google also hinted that the implementation could be used to compare common office productivity documents. Don't get too excited though. Google's similarity-engine project is not unique: over 15 patents for similarity-engines have been filed over the last 10 years.

News source: DailyTech

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Ugh, software patents are a horrible, horrible thing. I wish companies would stop pushing for them to happen over here, I hope they never reach us

i dont want a machine to look for duplicates or "appearenting duplicates" for me.
if one site out of 5 similar ones gets picked by google to show up in the results, and that page is down...
well you can imagine the rest.
if those 5 pages are the only possible sites to get your info from (meaning -> no other results [that are relevant]) then you are f*cked.
no thx, i want my results COMPLETE not a light version. end of line.
i dont care if they include an option to turn that filtering off, but otherwise heck no!

what id really love to see is a feature to give google a rough structure&look of the site (rectangle of advertisment here, some text there) by dragging those items in a kind of pattern and let google filter your results by that.
this would make it possible to find that one page youre looking for.
imagine you can only think of a few key words for googling but hundreds and thousands of results come up.
now it would be a really sweet thing to let google filter them by a rough scheme they look like.
so you find that one page you saw when you were at a friend's house but only know it was interesting and some keywords, but the actual look of a page is not forgotten in ages...
oh god... i should be silent and quickly get a patent for that! ($$$-time! :P)