Google makes available new Gmail look, calendar coming soon

Google is on a roll this week, with the company announcing its new social network -- Google Plus -- and then beginning a full rollout of a new style for all of their products across the web.

So far, we've seen updates to and Maps over the last few days, and now Google's announced that they've made available a preview of the new Gmail theme that will be released in the near future. The new look is simple and aims to unclutter the Gmail experience, making elements bigger and easier to see and frequently used items more obvious. 

The new themes "Preview" and "Preview (Dense)" are found in the themes tab in Gmail's settings dialog. Google says that they only have two themes because they aren't quite finished yet and they do not dynamically resize based on screen size. The company said that the "new interface eventually expand dynamically to accommodate different screen sizes and preferences."

They went on to say that they will be "working on these upgrades gradually over the next few months to allow plenty of time to understand and incorporate your feedback into the evolving design." Apparently some labs will look "a little strange" with the new themes, but Google plans to fix these issues as they push changes over the next few months.

Google Calendar is also getting the new interface with this article over on the support forums detailing the changes. The company is encouraging feedback on their new designs, and that can be provided here.

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Tried it and had to turn it off....way too much white and so much wasted space. It has potential with (alot of) tweaking but not usable for me at the moment.

It's a bit bright but I like it otherwise. I generally don't mind having a bit less information on screen at once and prefer less clutter.

Whole look is great with one MAJOR flaw ... too spread, especially in height, same with calendar.
Even the "dense" version is too spread ... I need Very Dense or maybe even VERY VERY Dense one and will be happy about it

I do like the whole new Google UI except for one thing; the black menu bar in GMail. It's not consistent with the other black menu bars. I do hope this isn't intentionally because all other Google services have a darker black menu bar.

Also, I've been able to use the new Calendar since yesterday.

fobban said,
I've got the new look in my calendar, but not yet Gmail, guess it will come eventually.

You'll have to enable it in the theme options

Google needs to unify all of its tools.. they still seem very fragmented...

Hotmail has far superior mail management tools IMO.. gmail needs to catch up!

It wasn't broke, it just worked, don't try to fix it. Regardless though, what's with all the "option bars" down the left hand side of the page using so much dead space on all the new themes? I think they need to make their new themes "denser" rather than waste so much space!

Hmmm I like it, but then I don't. I can't make up my mind. However.. it does feel a bit metro inspired with the flat theme..

Things have changed at Google, I remember a while back a designer complaining as they had to test so many different shades of blue before the could implem.nt it, and now? Red!

Trying it out though, agree it does waste too much space.

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