Google Maps adds more details to over 1,000 buildings

When Google Maps updated its application a while back to allow its users to see 3D maps of buildings in major cities, it was considered to be a breakthrough for Internet-based map displays. Now Google has announced even more improvements in viewing certain buildings located around the world.

A new post on the Google Maps web site states that over 1,000 locations have now received more detailed 3D models. You can see an example of this in the new Google Maps version of The White House in Washington DC. While the old 3D version had a basic layout with flat roofs, the new version has more detail on top of the White House.

As Google states in the blog, " .... it's much easier to get a sense of your location by simply comparing the shapes of buildings on the map to what you see out your window. By combining 3D buildings with other Google Maps features like Street View and driving directions, you'll have the most advanced 'tourist map' on the planet."

Unfortunately, Google forgot to provide a list of all of the buildings that have gotten a Google Maps facelift, although a couple of them are the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Burj Khalifa building, the current tallest building in the world, in Dubai. You will just have to explore Google Maps to find them all.

Image via Google

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How do you get the 3d buildings to show up on

Am I missing something or did they mean to say Google Earth?

Oh wait I see, it's not really 3d, just a 3d representation of the building from the top.

barteh said,
1000 buildings? In the scheme of things, thats fairly insignificant!

True, although this seems to be more about landmarks than buildings, which should narrow down the set quite a bit.

Mr Spoon said,
Uh... great I guess.

If Apple did exactly the same thing you would be like "OMGZ THATS AMAZING, WOW, OMGZ THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING" blah blah.

sam232 said,

If Apple did exactly the same thing you would be like "OMGZ THATS AMAZING, WOW, OMGZ THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING" blah blah.

What the duck does Apple have to do with this? Get a grip.

Mr Spoon said,
Uh... great I guess.
Shame they can't focus on getting images up to date for streets and such.

Google gets their data from a 3rd party source its up. To them to get updated imagery