Google Not Guilty of Displaying Explicit Images

Early last year, adult entertainment website Perfect 10 filed a lawsuit against Google for displaying thumbnails and subsequent images from its website, claiming that a portion of its revenue came from selling thumbnails to mobile phone users. U.S. district judge Howard Matz found Google to be in violation of copyright laws but this week, that has all changed. A U.S. appeals court ruled that while Google did violate copyright laws, it did so involuntarily. A panel of three judges said they "reverse the district court's ruling and vacate the preliminary injunction regarding Google's use of thumbnail versions of Perfect 10's images. We conclude that the significantly transformative nature of Google's search engine, particularly in light of its public benefit, outweighs Google's superseding and commercial uses of the thumbnails in this case."

News source: DailyTech

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I took it to mean that Google shouldn't be made to police what images show up in its image search results. If copyrighted images are showing up, it's the fault of the website hosting them (in the case of stolen images) or the fault of the copyright owner for not restricting Google's access (in the case of Google finding the images directly), not of Google for finding them in a search.

even still, you are saying that the compnay hosting the images is responsibe, becasue google managed to find it, thats like saying the music industry is responsible for pirated music because they put it on a disk that someone could copy, copyright is copyright, i can display an image i create for free to everyone as much as i want, if someone then steals that image and shows it they have breached my copyright, simple as that, what your saying is that if you own the copyright to an image you arent allowed to show anyone.

Yeah. Be nice if all the law worked like that.

"Yeah, he murdered someone, but hes a nice guy so we'll let it go this time"...

Don't be ridiculous.

This is more like Fantastic suing Windex because Windex happens to also take some stains off the stove instead of only on windows.