Google not launching ChromeBook in New Zealand this year

Google last week announced their new line up of Chrome OS based Netbooks -- "ChromeBooks" -- at their developer conference, Google I/O. The ChromeBook is a new type of computer that runs Google Chrome OS utilizes web applications for everything that would be performed on a computer. This is made possible by fully fledged connectivity, including built in WiFi and 3/4G support.

Today, Samsung and Acer have said that they do not think that New Zealand is ready for the ChromeBook and has no plans to sell them in the market. According to Stuff, Samsung NZ marketing director Rachael Cotton-Bronte said that Samsung does not plan to sell the notebooks here yet, pinning "market receptiveness" and feedback from customers. She went on to say that the notebooks are "expected to appeal most in markets where internet providers offer generous or unmetered broadband traffic caps," as well as mobile broadband pricing.

Acer retail head Cameron Anderson said that the company was waiting to see how the launch went overseas first, saying that "in New Zealand, there is still a little bit of sensitivity about data going in the cloud." However, he did say that Acer might launch it in New Zealand, but "probably not for a little while."

Google will be making available ChromeBooks on June 15 in the United Kingdom and the US, for $500 outright or to business/education for a subscription fee.

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Assuming Chrome books exist by then...Android or contest. Chrome is nice as a 2nd pc but as a main one? Fail

Yeah anything cloud-based is never going to fly in NZ if you're a home user. While the speeds can be quite good, the data caps are very restrictive.

The plans by ALL telco's over here is simple. Small data caps, slow speeds, matched with huge prices.

So basically anything to do with the cloud or streaming media is out of the question for a lot of people here.

Considering that here in NZ, most plans we get 256mb of 3G, and anything in gigabytes we are paying for is astronomical amounts, I am not surprised. Only thing in NZ we get is network stability (if you aren't Telecom) because hardly anyone use any data.

Though Vodafone have a current promotion for smart phone plans, I think is 3GB of data per month. You read that right, promotion. Basically Chromebooks won't work, it will have to be Wifi either at home or work/Uni. In that case, there are a lot of more alternatives, like a better computer, period.