Google offers local language support in India

Google has introduced technologies that will allow people in India to use local languages in search queries and that will generate content in local languages. Internet growth in India is expected to come from outside of cities, where many people are more at ease using Indian languages, Roli Agarwal, a spokeswoman for Google India, said Monday.

Google has set up a version for India of Google Labs, which it styles as a "technology playground" for products that are in development and require market feedback to improve. The Indian version of Google Labs will focus on products for that market, though these may not be developed only by Google's research and development (R&D) centers in India, Agarwal said. Google has put up two technologies for testing by users on the Google Labs Web site: an Indic On-Screen Keyboard iGoogle Gadget and Google Indic Transliteration.

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News source: InfoWorld

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I thought maybe google was offering 'language support' for customers needing help to figure out WTH outsourcing tech support was saying....LOL

Yeah, I just love it when a guy with a thick Indian accent answers the phone with, "Hello, my name is Bubba Jones, how may I assist you?"