Google ousts Apple as world's most valuable brand, Microsoft rises to fourth

Google has ousted Apple as the world's most valuable brand, according to a survey commissioned by WPP and conducted by research company Millward Brown. Four of the five top brands were technology companies - Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft - with McDonald's completing the top five as the only non-tech company.

Apple's brand value fell by $148 billion, or 20 percent year-over-year, according to the survey meaning that the Apple has had to cede the crown to Google, whose brand grew 40% to over $159 billion. Microsoft's value sits at $90 billion with a year-over-year increase of 29%. IBM was crowned third most valuable brand, now valued at $108 billion, trailing Apple and Google by a significant margin. Twitter and LinkedIn made the list for the first time this year with values of $13.8 billion and $12 billion, respectively. Facebook topped the list for the social giants gaining a brand value of $35 billion, ranking it 21st. 

Millward Brown's Global BrandZ director Peter Walshe explained Google's soaring presence to the Telegraph, saying: "To gain more of our mind-space, brands such as Google are making ambitious plays across existing category boundaries." Oscur Yuan, vice president of Millward Brown, told AdWeek that Apple's decline was likely down to their lack of "earth-shattering innovation." Many investors appear to share this concern, which is in part responsible for the decline in the company's stock price from highs of $700 to today's price of $604. 

The top 25 companies can be seen below: 


Source: AdWeek | Top image via CBC News, company rankings table via AdWeek

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i do not believe this. i guess it is just a blip, apple will retain the number one spot again in due time.

I dont think they ever will with google in the way. They might one day get ahead of apple. But overall they are still doing very well.

It never ceases to amaze me that Apple are in front of Microsoft

Microsoft has dominated the consumer desktop operating system market for over a decade, its software runs on oem machines, huge enterprise presence, a massive amount of business licences are renewed/purchased each year, cloud services, phone division, tablet division, xbox division and still they are behind Apple.

Personally I think MS has had a terrible few years, but I think the new people put in place recently will turn things around. Still, I would expect them to be miles in front.

I also think Apple have made some bad decisions and are looking to be focusing on what share holders and chasing the bottom line. Dejavu anyone?

Well, part of the equation for this ranking is "mind space" - and when you get no press or even worse, bad press, that doesn't help very much. Microsoft made some mistakes of their own, but they still suffer from a lot of the hate that originated in the 90s. It's still the cool thing to pick on "M$" or just ignore them entirely.

For example, there was nothing on any of the major network news shows last night about the Surface Pro 3. But when Apple does a keynote about the new iPhone or iPad, that's always one of the top stories. You also have writers on CNN dismissing the Surface Pro 3 and even calling their piece a review.

It's probably because Apple has seen continued success for what... over a decade now? When you maintain consistency, people know what to expect.

Microsoft in the past decade has had probably just as many ups as they have downs. Zune was great, but dropped. Windows Phones are seeing a rebirth, late to the tablet party, PCs seeing goods with XP/7, negatives with Vista and 8 (in terms of rep). Not to mention the whole ton of rebranding re-imaging they've gone through with different products, services, and such as a whole.

They're getting better now that they seem to have a central focus, but some of the backtracking they're doing is hurting that forward image too. It's a bit mixed.

I feel that Microsoft should have been third.

And Walmart and Facebook should have been much higher. Even in third world countries Facebook is used all the time, and smaller local brands use it's logo to show they have social precense.

Yeah IBM don't really do anything on the consumer side anymore, but they're huge in the enterprise. Cloud computing is their forté these days I think.

Brando212 said,
interesting. i guess they're mostly back end and business products. not much on the consumer market which is probably why i wasn't aware they still had such a large footprint

I agree. And Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ring a far bigger bell for everyone, than any of their products.

FMH said,

I agree. And Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ring a far bigger bell for everyone, than any of their products.

MS is losing their grip.

I would have expected the Microsoft brand to be more valuable than IBM at this point... but I guess that's due to my skewed perspective as a consumer....

JHBrown said,
I'm not sure if you follow real news outside of Neowin, but the Microsoft name has been tarnished for a while now.

It's actually more tarnished on Neowin than it is in real life.

techbeck said,
Apple, get out of the court room and start creating new/exciting products again.

That is what has probably bogged them down the most in the public eye.

JHBrown said,
Yet we can ignore the fact that Microsoft has been struggling with their brand for a while now.

Only if you're willing to ignore the +29% in that very same chart.

Max Norris said,

Only if you're willing to ignore the +29% in that very same chart.
It's just consumers rejoicing that Balmer is finally gone. ;-) I'd love for Microsoft to be a leader like the old.

CJEric said,
all because of a lack of "earth-shattering innovation" :D

Which shows how precarious their position actually is, despite the insane amount of money they still rake in right now. Eventually people will tire of Apple's current lineup, and OldProductVersion+1 just won't cut it anymore.