Google Phone prototype to be unveiled in Barcelona

British chip designer ARM will demo an Android-based prototype mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona next Monday. Google's open-source Android software platform will be used by T-Mobile and HTC when they release Android-based phones later this year.

In addition, Google is bidding on wireless spectrum space in the United States which would place Google in direct competition with the big mobile telecom providers.

News source: Reuters

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(aboi said @ #4)
hmmm.... Could this be the end for Windows Mobile ?

To Be Continue...

Windows mobile is FAR more better with its API & developer will be good..but it cant break up the current business market where RIM has high shares & windows mobile follows.

Windows mobile 7 is far more pleasant & lot of revamp are there targeted towards retail consumers..

Anyway, At last, we are benefitted with there good technology! :-)

Actually, Microsoft and RIM are a distant 2nd and 3rd.

In operating system terms, for the full year, Canalys estimates that Symbian had 67% share, up from 63% in 2005, Microsoft was in second with a slightly reduced 14% share, RIM came in third on 7% followed by Linux on 6% and ACCESS/PalmSource with the Garnet OS on 5%.

If Google revolutionizes this market in the same manor as web search, it could get interesting. Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Motorola, etc., all need a swift kick in the innovation ass. Maybe this new competition will spur them on. It can only be good for the consumer.

I agree lbmouse. Whatever your feelings on the iPhone I think that too has been a brilliant release if only for the fact that it has spurred MS to concentrate on making the windows Mobile platform more consumer friendly and will cause some major changes for Symbian too. the iPhone and Android will be good for the market, as even if people don't like those devices it's certainly speeding up development on the other platforms too.

(Netrack said @ #2)
Google will not be creating its own mobile provider...They have stated that they will bid up to the 4.6 billion dollar mark to ensure that it will have the "open access" clause.

Still, if Google releases a service with an "open access" clause then AT&T will not likely be pleased. Google need not announce monthly service plans to come into direct conflict with the big mobile telecoms.