Google releases addictive 'Smarty Pins' Maps geography trivia game

Google has unveiled a new trivia-based game centered around Google Maps that sees players dropping the service's iconic pin onto cities around the world as they answer questions on a variety of different topics. The simple but fun web app gets very addictive very quickly and, although cheating is obviously easy online, doing so does spoil the fun.

You will be asked questions centered around topics including Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, History, Sports & Entertainment and topical affairs. You simply drop the pin onto the city where you believe the event took place, guided a little as the map automatically moves to highlight which continent you should be looking at for each question.

Scoring is based around a 'miles' system. When you start a game, you are given 1,000 "miles," but answering questions quickly, correctly and without hints can score you a few bonus miles throughout the game. When you get an answer wrong, the distance in miles between where you placed the pin and the actual location geographically is subtracted from your remaining miles until you eventually reach 0 and the game ends.

The game was revealed last night and since then has attracted attention around the web for its smooth, slick interface and simple appeal. The questions are varied and interesting and even the messages given when you complete a guess, whether right or wrong, are amusing to read. Although it is unlikely to be a hit for long, you should certainly try it out for a few minutes and expand your knowledge of the world's cities as you do.

Source: Google

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Didn't try it yet, but sounds boring. I prefer Google would adopt geoguessr officially.
That's fun to play with friends.

Jon2 said,
It's fun but heavily flawed. One badly misplaced answer and you can lose all your miles

That's not a flaw... that's how the game works.

There was a site about a month ago that would drop you on 10 random roads/streets somewhere in the world (via Google street view) and you had to guess where you were by dropping a pin on the Gmap. You were scored by how close you were to the actual location (even pinning a continent away awarded you with SOME points). That game was much more addictive. Wish I had the link....

Played one round of it on my tablet and it was very easy, but maybe it gets more difficult the more you play.
I did run into a problem though. It was stubborn to zoom in. I'd move my fingers apart to zoom in and it would do it, but when I released it stepped back some and I had to zoom again and again. It was a bit frustrating.
Maybe it is better to play on a desktop but I didn't enjoy it on the tablet.

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