Google Search for Android updated to include content from apps

Google has announced an update to the Search app which will allow users to get results from various installed apps and app suggestions for relevant content when using the Android app or Chrome browser on the platform.

Every time a user searches for something, Android will now look for the relevant application for the search term and provide suggestion to "Open in app" as part of the new update. Incase an app is not already installed by the user, then Search would suggest to install the relevant app. It must be noted that the "Open in app" button may not appear as soon as an app is installed and may take up to 2 days to appear.

Apps that are currently supported include AllTrails, Allthecooks, Beautylish, Etsy, Expedia, Flixster, Healthtap, IMDb, Moviefone, Newegg, OpenTable, Trulia, and Wikipedia. Google is working with developers to increase the suggested apps and expects to have support for more apps over the coming months.

Google is in the process of rolling out this functionality through the updated Search app on Play Store, Chrome and default Android browser. The new features are currently only available to users in the United States who have their language set to English. The good news for users of Android 2.3 and 4.0 is that they will also get the updated app unlike Google Now which was released for 4.1+ devices.

Source: Google Search Blog | Image via Google

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Who uses the search feature on their tablet/phone or even desktop? I've never had to use it... If I want to search my email I just open the email app and look in there, etc.

I agree. I've never used google now for anything other than setting an alarm verbally or a quick mathematical conversion. i dont search for apps already installed, and if it was specific content I was looking for, I go directly to the pertinent app that would have that info to begin with.

Where have we seen this kind of search before? Oh yes... Windows. However, Bing Smart Search sounds better to me, most apps work with it and when you download an app that can open a result, it will be used the next time, not after 2 days...

Well, i haven't seen this kind of search before because MS doesn't support this in Europe... only US... I will never understand why....