Google to close more projects, including Google Video

Every few months, Google decides to shut down or merge a number of its projects that it feels doesn't fit with the company's direction anymore. The last such announcement was made in January. Today, Google announced several more of its programs will be retired in the near future.

In a post on Google's official blog, the company went over the latest victims of its "spring cleaning in the summer." One of them is Google Video. The company bought YouTube several years ago and stopped accepting new uploads for Google Video back in 2009.  People who still have videos hosted on Google Video have until August 20th to download, delete or move their content.

Google will move the remaining videos from that service to YouTube later this summer. The content will be set up as private videos that users can later access in YouTube's video manager.

The company also announced that Google Mini, which offered search features for small business websites, will be shut down on July 31. Google feels that other applications such as Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search can better handle the features that Google Mini users have had since 2005.

Google Talk Chatback, which allowed website creators a way to embed a Google Talk chat client, is now being retired in favor of the Meebo bar. Also, the company's Symbian Search App will also be unavailable for download in the future.

Finally, iGoogle, which let people create their own customized home page, will be closed on November 1, 2013. Its current users will have until then to export their data.

Source: Google blog

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I like my iGoogle homepage and will miss it. I hope google will have something
for me to replace it in a similar way.
All i use it for is bookmarks in the center, weather on the right and feeds on the left
with another tab for a whole bunch of feeds.
So my usage is pretty basic, i guess there should be alternatives for me ?

iGoogle alone probably had more users than that pathetic excuse of a social network called Google+. I understand closing down small projects but iGoogle? What's next? The search engine?
Someone please bring back the early 2000's Google, the world wide web will be thankful.

iGoogle And in alternatives they say "on your mobile devices visit google play) , what about desktop/laptop users!

iGoogle seems like the big one here, I don't see why you've focussed on Google Video that hasn't been accepting anything new since 2009 and then only mentioned iGoogle for one line at the bottom when that's still being updated to this day.

Raa said,
I love iGoogle! Now i'll need a new homepage

I need to somehow rip the teahouse theme...
It's lovely, cute and original.



Glassed Silver said,

I need to somehow rip the teahouse theme...
It's lovely, cute and original.



The new update to iGoogle gave it the Tree theme (from Gmail) too! It like changes to sunshine , thunderstorms etc! I love it too ! So bad its dying

Enron said,
I thought they already shut down Google Video.

They closed any uploads, allowing for videos to still be watched. Now they're closing it for good, allowing users to download their videos and then transferring any videos over to YouTube under private settings

I'm surprised they're closing iGoogle. Of course I haven't used it in years (since I started using Google Reader for all my RSS feeds). But I know some people that still do use iGoogle, and if you're still using Internet Explorer then iGoogle is a nice alternative to MSN.

I'm not speaking for me, exactly, but... well, Google Video has often been a search engine for finding certain video content online easily that... wouldn't be accepted on Youtube, if you catch my drift.
This will be an interesting change...

And this just reminded me- about a month or so before Google announced this a while back, I did suddenly realize, "Hey, Google Video's kinda pointless with Youtube..." and sent a quick <300 character feedback thing from the footer links about Google Video.

thenonhacker said,

I've moved from iGoogle / Google Reader, to Netvibes.

Thanks for the recommendation, igoogle is my current home page and need to move out of it soon. Never thought that it is so unpopular.

thenonhacker said,

I've moved from iGoogle / Google Reader, to Netvibes.

I would have if only it had Google Chats and all.

I knew of quite a few, I thought iGoogle was cool idea but but cumbersome and had a queer name. Google video, well that had to go post youtube! Adding features to other services had rendered mini redundant.

Never heard of meebo or the google chat client implementation or symbian search