Google warns on 'unsafe' websites

Google has started warning users if they are about to visit a webpage that could harm their computer. The warning will pop up if users click on a link to a page known to host spyware or other malicious programs. The initiative comes out of a larger project cataloging programs that plague people with unwanted ads, spy on web habits or steal personal data. Google is one of several companies trying to act as an "in-flight adviser" to ensure people stay safe online.

The warnings will be seen by anyone using the search engine who clicks on a link to a site identified as harmful by the Stop Badware coalition. Google, PC maker Lenovo and Sun set up this initiative in January 2006 to identify dangerous software and the websites that try to trick people into installing these malicious programs.

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I think this is actually quite a good initiative because it's implemented at the search engine level. IE7's Phishing Filters and the other browser toolbars with similar dynamic site filters are great but still require installation on the user's part. Since Google is used so widely and this new initiative is integrated directly into search results, we should see some reduction in infection of the generic John Smith user.