Rumor: Google's Chrome OS netbook specs leaked

It seems that Google plans to re-define the stereotypical netbook. Spec wise, if sources are correct, the Google Netbook will completely change the way we look at netbooks—small, but weak, to cheap, but powerful. According to IBTimes and Netbook News, Google's self-branded netbook will have a NVIDIA Tegra (probably 2nd gen) chipset and will come pre-installed Google apps, such as Maps, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Search, and Voice.

Here's the rumored hardware:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset
  • ARM CPU (better performance and uses less power than Atom)
  • 10.1 inch TFT HD ready, multitouch screen (1280x720)
  • 64GB SSD
  • 2GB RAM
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G
  • Optional GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet port
  • USB ports
  • Webcam
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Multi-card reader
  • 4-6 cell batter with 8-12 hours of battery life

Rumors have it that the netbook will be subsidized and sold directly by Google, possibly priced in the sub $300 range. It also seems that in the US, Google may bundle the netbook with carriers and their 3G plans. At that price, the Google Netbook will be hard to resist. It's expected to be available in time for 2010's holiday season. A lot could change between now and then, so expect many more updates as details keep rolling in.

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For me, netbooks were fail from day 1. Luckily, now ppl have realized for paying few more bucks, they can get decent entry level laptop which performs much better than netbooks.

And is much larger and heavier. Netbooks have their place, and their sales numbers show that people do want them. Just because YOU don't have a use for them doesn't mean other people don't.

sanke1 said,
For me, netbooks were fail from day 1. Luckily, now ppl have realized for paying few more bucks, they can get decent entry level laptop which performs much better than netbooks.

netbooks are portable laptops, small and easier to carry around and travel with. traveling with a laptop it usually needs its own case, a netbook you can shove into a small backpack between your clothes and go.

netbooks are selling like crazy, a decent deal on a netbook and they sell out so fast. netbooks cost more now than ever, meaning demand has gone up. what is paying a few more bucks? the cheapest laptop/notebook on newegg is $400. an entry level netbook is half that price.

2GB RAM for a netbook coming in the Holiday 2010 season?

Should we really assume that the NON-google netbooks won't have kickass specs by that time?
2 gigs of RAM, really Google? really?!
(I do like the idea of using Tegra in Netbooks..and touchscreen is a welcome addition)

The specs and the price aren't adding up to me either. Maybe by subsidize they mean "sold with 2-year data contracts w/ a provider."

I would gladly do that, if said provider gave me a $60 a month smartphone/mobile broadband plan to eat. I am not going to pay $60 on top of a $30 data plan.

I think most provider plans are tied to the device. I don't think the data plan on your smartphone is transferable to your laptop (unless you use tethering).

Why does this netbook need an SSD let alone a HDD. The whole point of the OS is that all our files are stored in the cloud. Integrated flash memory should be enough to store the OS and other important system components.

So you'd spend $300+ on a device that can only get you your data (which is stored on a hard drive somewhere off in Google which might fail) when you have an internet connection?

Nah, I'm fine.

pretty useless for majority of windows users without x86 processor cpu. i don't see a lot of people buying these google netbooks.

The statement re the ARM CPU is iffy, none of the current ARM licensees yet has a CPU as powerful as the Atom; although, remember ARM isn't x86 compatible so it's an apples and oranges comparison!

Multi-touch for screen would be good, and potentially feasible, but I've a feeling it's been added to the spec list since a current buzz word (which would seem to sum up the complete specs tbh - they do look kinda fake).

64GB SSD is neither a fit on price or purpose! The whole point of the Google netbook is to act as a web front end, your documents will be primarily stored in the cloud (with temp offline storage just for when no internet access available) so this spec definitely doesn't make sense!!!

Considering it's just a browser and we have no idea how powerful the Tegra 2 chip will be, making a claim that it's not more powerful than an Atom is squarely in the realm of "too early to tell". More importantly though, Flash video content is what sucks up a bunch of CPU cycles, and the Tegra 2 chip will have hardware acceleration, whereas Atom chips do not. Plus, there's the whole "running Windows" thing that Chrome OS doesn't have to bother with.