Gran Turismo 5 Details Emerge

French gaming mag Joypad landed an exclusive interview with Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi in their June edition, and with that interview they squeezed out some juicy information regarding the next release of GT, including a frequently asked for damage system.

In regards to the cars...

  • All cars from Gran Turismo 4 will be in Gran Turismo 5, in addition to all Ferrari and F1 cars.
  • There will be downloadable cars and tracks.
  • The cars will take and show damage.
  • You, as the user, will have your choice of 4 driving views.
  • There will be new city tracks.
  • There will be online multiplayer, with 12-20 users being able to participate any one online race at a given time.
  • The weather can and will change, on some tracks, as your driving through them.
News source: youNEWB

Thanks to Fire and Flames on the forum

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nice! that alone would be the reason for me to buy a ps3. hope the price drops a few hundred euros until GT5 comes out!

There will be downloadable cars and tracks.

I hope these cars and tracks arnt needed to finish the game etc, lets hope its just an extra feature

Daedalus said,
I'm gonna' take a guess and say you are not referring to the character from Toy Story...

No, that's a line from "Short Circuit".

this shoule be awsome
cars taking damage (finally)
ferrari's (finally)
loads of F1 cars (finally)
its taken them so long to develop this game lets hope it lives up to all our expectations
lets hope either i get a PS3 before then or it comes out for PSP or PS2

EduardValencia said,
Not for xbox360?
Are you kidding? I mean, I'm a big 360 fan but you got to be kidding. Next, Halo will be on PS3 and then the next generation of video games will be one system put together by M$, Sony and Nintendo.

"There will be downloadable cars and tracks."

In other words were not going to finish everything for the game, rather were going to rush it to store shelves where it will be a shadow of what it could possibly be and those insane enough to buy it well milk them for more $ saying its new content!

Yeah, God forbid they use the full capabilites of a networked system and hang a carrot for users to download cars and tracks later and even, if they're that good, *gasp* try to make a profit from it.

somehow, more camera angles is a really big deal to me. My favorite camera angle from GT2 was absent from GT3. I just realized how sad this comment must seem, but I played a whole lot of GT

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