Gran Turismo Producer Confirms PSP Version

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed rumours that a PSP version of the game is already in the works: "We are working on the PSP version, and we will get around to it eventually." The famed driving producer expects to complete the PSP game once Gran Turismo 5 has shipped for PS3 in 2008. Gran Turismo, an exclusive PlayStation property, is currently the tenth most successfully franchise of all time with 47 million games sold. This is certainly excellent news for fans of Gran Turismo that own a PSP and either prefer to play the game on the move or don't have the money to shell out for a PS3.

News source: PC World

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so they are confirming it AGAIN,,,, this was supposedly a launch title when the PSP was announced

and slow development is why i sold my PSP,, When it comes out,, i wont get a PSP again because this was supposed to be out a long time ago and i want to say the main reason alot of people got a PSP.

gran turismo used to be great. that is, until forza motorsport came out and then forza motorsport 2 (these are the new kings of sim racing)

Forza 2 IS the reason (probably overall only reason) i have a XBox360 right now.

but im sure this is nice news for those who own a psp

Why do people constantly bash Sony, Sony arent making it, Polyphony Digital are. Yes while its an internal studio other projects get priority, like a decent PS3 version.

Well all I can say is finally. I bought my PSP originally because of this game and sold it because I got tired of waiting