Grand Theft Auto V hits $1 billion in sales faster than any entertainment release

On Wednesday, Rockstar Games' parent company Take 2 Interactive said that Grand Theft Auto V generated over $800 million in revenue in just its first 24 hours of release. We speculated at the time that Rockstar was swimming in money. Now there's word of yet another sales milestone and it appears Rockstar is drowning in cash.

Take 2's press release now says that in its first three days of release, the Xbox 360-PS3 open world crime action game has exceeded the $1 billion revenue mark, based on its own internal estimates. Take 2 says this is the fastest for any entertainment property to reach that amount. The previous record holder was another game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which reached the $1 billion sales mark in a relatively slow 15 days in November of 2012.

Take 2 has still not offered any specifics on unit sales numbers for GTA V. It's hard to tell exactly how many copies of the game have been sold since Rockstar offered up three versions; the standard $59.99 game, the Special Edition at $79.99 and the Collector's Edition at $149.99. Still, reaching the $1 billion mark in three days is still extremely impressive and shows that this game franchise is in no danger of collapsing anytime soon.

Source: Take 2 | Image via Rockstar Games

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Shocked we have not seen many "It was not released on PC also because of piracy issues, if people downloaded it free on PC they would not bother getting t for X" yet..

Good on you rockstar. I will be waiting for PC release though

Well, the game is awesome, and a perfect next step in the series.... sooo, it deserves the money in my mind.

even though i find GTA series to be a bit overrated (i still like them though)... at least that has the record vs that highly overrated 'Call of Duty' series (which apparently had the record prior to GTA5) which i think peaked back before it was ever super popular as by the time it got super popular it pretty much lost most of it's appeal in my mind as they are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. even in terms of multiplayer shooters i find Counter-Strike (and CS:S) on PC to be far superior as that's king of multiplayer shooters in my mind in the long term.

What do you consider over-rated? It's not my favorite gameplay style but I have marvel at the scale and level of detail. Just purely on non-taste related aspects, I have to give it top marks. I haven't played this one yet so this is based on earlier games.

i mostly consider it overrated purely on how popular it is. because while i like it, i don't like it to the level that the overall public does which must be a lot given it's $1bil in 3 days achievement. hence, overrated.

but yeah, i am sure you will be able to notice it's detail's in environment etc which i am sure is due to the budget basically. so based on that i would not claim it's overrated or nothing.

Edited by ThaCrip, Sep 22 2013, 5:33am :

GTA is amazing, san andread has the best the best radio stations out of the lot so far. not listened to gta5 cus not got a console but cruising the streets listening to the radios is so therapuetic then when ya get a mad urge to go mental just save ya game in game come out and nuts ... its an amamzing game it really is and the station are so fricking funny its rediculus at ;eats in gta 3 and san an

didn't even like the first one, sold my console the only one I had shortly there after. I'd rather stick to Teamfortress 2 or something for my casual gaming needs.

was nothing to do with trolling, and no that wasn't the one I was talking about - perhaps I got the version number incorrect. Doesn't matter, to me the game was boring and pointless - would much rather again fire up something like TF2 run and gun then close it down.

nope, not sure if I gave wrong version number but it was a older version I tried about 3-4 years ago. I at least tried it unlike many others that would say they don't like it without trying it.

I'd imagine there's a hell of a lot of GTA fans out there.
Personally I don't see the hype, never have like the games,
but that's just me, not in to that type.
Anyways... congrats Rockstar.

illwill916 said,
Would have been $1 billion in one day if they released it for PC too.

I'm not a PC gamer, but sometimes I feel for you guys who are. I guess the fear of piracy is putting a dent in the attractiveness of making games for PC.

And yet, the game was available on various "sites" for the 360 three days before the official launch.

Yet you only ever hear about PC piracy.

Its got nothing to do with piracy. MSFT and SONy funnel a lot of money in the way of game devs to ensure the game is exclusive to consoles at least for a certain amount of time.

Thats way faster than any movie as well. I think the TV media paint games like this in a bad light because they lose a ton of viewers to games. Many people don't bother watching TV anymore, some people i know don't even own one.

but you got to factor in a movie ticket is MUCH cheaper than a single video game which is typically $60 where as a movie ticket is typically $5-10. so while the $$$ is impressive it's still no where near the movies in terms of individual people seeing/playing it. so you basically got roughly 6+ people seeing a movie just to equal 1 person buying a video game. hence, it's much easier for a video game to crack a billion dollars vs a movie given it takes a lot more people seeing a movie to crack a billion dollars vs a video game. still... $1bil in 3 days is impressive either way.

If I get the money for a new console I might actually buy this one. I was never that much of a GTA fan to begin with but $1 billion in 3 days?

No surprises really and grats to them, the game isn't flawless but it certainly wasn't rushed and the size and variety of the world is impressive.

Dot Matrix said,
I think it's safe to say that GTA VI will be out next summer.

Unlike most EA franchises I cannot see rockstar going down that rabbithole. Theres a small group of games and developers out in the industry that have realised taking the time and producing a high quality game yields more rewards then pumping out an update every year like a crappy saw franchise.

But on the other hand, cant ignore EA Sports games and CoD and BF games that contradict that, as they pump those out yearly and they do well in sales but not a $1B in 3 days well.

Dot Matrix said,
I think it's safe to say that GTA VI will be out next summer.

While not out next summer, there will be a VI, Oh yes!

I like how you specifically call out EA when pretty much every other company is doing this now, even more to an extent. Assassin's Creed every year anyone?

If anything Rockstar is probably slowing the release of GTA to milk even more money, First out on current gen consoles, then 6 months later announce for PC and next gen consoles so not to hurt current sales and make most people buy it twice, and since it will be delayed, there's no nice $10 upgrade either.

Dot Matrix said,
I think it's safe to say that GTA VI will be out next summer.

Absolutely not. Probably a DLC or two, but GTA VI is years away. That's how they work.

LightEco said,

so not to hurt current sales and make most people buy it twice.

They aren't making anyone buy it twice. That is down to the individual person. I don't own a console, so haven't got the game. If a PC version comes out, I will wait until it is a reasonable price (to me) before I buy it.