GTA: Chinatown Wars gets 18 rating from BBFC

According to the BBFC website, the first instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series to be released on the Nintendo DS – called GTA: Chinatown Wars – has been given an age rating of 18. Gamers will be happy to hear, however, that this came without any content cuts, according to the ratings website.

The game is has said to have support for taxi-whistling, through the use of the Nintendo DS microphone, and will have a similar HUD to Grand Theft Auto IV. The BBFC site reveals that there will be approximately 2 hours of "supplementary cut scenes" and 45 minutes of gameplay footage.

GTA: Chinatown Wars, due on 17 March for North America, and 20 March for Europe, is the fourth title from the series to be released on a Nintendo platform, and the first on the DS. The game is in full 3D although, naturally, the graphics will be limited. The game is set in the same universe as GTA IV, although not from the same perspective.

The rating was given due to the content containing "very strong language and drug references", and the game was also the first game to receive an '18' from the BBFC for the Nintendo DS platform. In addition to this, the game was also said to have been made with over 800,000 lines of code, making it "one of the largest, most complex DS games ever made," according to Official Nintendo Magazine.

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"whistling by the microphone"

God I'm tired of this. Zelda did something like this as well. Annoying as hell if you play these games on the bus or something

It'll need content cuts to be released in Australia with our MA15+ rating. Whether the government finally introduces an R18+ rating for games or not, and stops bowing to family and church groups, I'll still be getting the R18+ version ^_^

Australia is never getting an R18+ rating, our government is far too family oriented. If anything they'll probably try to get rid of the MA15+ rating next under the banner of "to protect our children" (like with the ISP filters). The Aussie government has completely lost the plot....

Naturally this game will be banned in Australia. I actually hope Rockstar don't edit the game and let it be banned here, game companies really need to start making an example of how stupid the lack of an R18+ rating is, if they keep bowing to our (governments) demands they are letting them win and giving them more reason to not let us have the rating!!

This is a massive part of the success of the Grand Theft Auto series - ensure each and every game gets an 18 age rating, especially when on the PC...