Hack the LG/Google Nexus 4 onto a 4G network

So, you’ve just bought a new Nexus 4 and are a little frustrated that your Samsung Galaxy S III buddies are rocking 4G connectivity. Would you be confident in performing a tweak on the device to enable you to connect to your carriers 4G network?

The phone may not be advertised as 4G enabled, but it does contain a 4G enabled chipset from Qualcomm. Officially, the functionality is inactive, but performing a simple tweak in the debugging menu can force the device to connect to LTE networks.

The news of the hack was broke by those industrious users at XDA Developers, saying that even though the Nexus 4 lacks a working signal amplifier filter, you can still force it to connect to the 1700MHz and 2100MHz LTE bands, therefore getting 4G data!

A video of the device getting 4G download speeds

It was reported by Anandtech last week that:

Band 4 (AWS) could essentially be supported with the power amplifiers and transceiver that already are on-board the Nexus 4, but again it ultimately comes down to a particular OEM choice whether these get supported.

With EE being the only provider of 4G data in the UK, the Nexus 4 is unlikely to run 4G data due to the carriers 1800MHz LTE band. At the moment, the hack has only been tried on 1700MHz and 2100MHz. However, how long this hack will remain usable for is anyone’s guess.

So, if you’re feeling confident, try the hack yourself and let us know how you get on!

Source: XDA Developers
Via: Know Your Mobile | Video courtesy of YouTube user raj c

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That post doesn't explain how it's done. There are 2 videos, one a scene from Scarface and then another running Speedtest.net. I wouldn't mind trying to enable LTE on mine if someone could tell me how to do it.

I just bought one at O2 and finished with it. There will be another rush for stock in three weeks time and I needed a phone. So yeah, I paid a premium, but never mind - I've got the phone and I am immensely happy with it. In fact, Google could have offered it for £400 themselves and I would have still ordered them to take my money.

Jub Fequois said,
I wish they would offer some for sale so we could try whatever else it's capable of!

Ye, i dont think google is handling this N4 release very well.... A lot of people are upset due to the order problems they had, the lack of stock and now no one even knows when you will be able to purchase the phone again.