Hadouken is a lightweight BitTorrent client for Windows written in C# and designed to run as a Windows Service. It has plugin support and is managed completely through a web UI. It is managed through a web interface which is based on the excellent uTorrent Web UI. Designed for power users, Hadouken has native plugin support and can be customized to do almost anything from sending emails on various events to unpacking files, move them around, mount images, poll RSS feeds etc.

Hadouken features:

  • Self-hosted web management interface.
  • Extremely powerful plugin API.
  • HTTP API for remote management.
  • Comes bundled with a bunch of useful plugins.

Download 32-bit: Hadouken | 3.8 MB (Open Source)
Download 64-bit: Hadouken | 3.9 MB
View: Home page | Install & Configure | Release History

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I've seen this program notified here a couple of times, I'd appreciate if somebody that is using it posted his/her insight about it; I can't see a detailed features list anywhere nor which parts of the protocol or which enhancement proposals are implemented.

I'm curious too regarding it being a service, and specially since it's being announced as lightweight although written in C#. Even though .NET is pretty well integrated within Windows I'd say a native solution should be lighter and faster.