Halo 3 will ''mute idiots'' via button

Bungie has introduced an intriguing new function on the 360 controller's Back button for Halo 3, where you can mute any trashtalker you want. Or rather, it'll refine the excellence of sound - by eliminating the sort of "vocal buttmunches" who help ensure the truth of the following equation: "Teenagers, plus anonymity, plus microphone = idiot." The "A-Hole Button" as they're calling it brings up a score list with everyone's tag on it. By using the right stick, you can quickly select whichever player is smack-talking you into a stupor, and you won't hear from them again.

Full Story: Gamestyle.net

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yeah, its a pain to have to go into the blade and thru the options mid way through a game to mute sum1. this button is a good idea!!

It's very convenient. There is already an option to mute people on games for the 360 but you have to do so by going to the guide. That takes more time and screws you up when playing a game. The A-Hole button is very simple and I'm sure it doesn't take nearly as long as it would to click the guide button, wait a few seconds, find the player's name in the player list (sometimes they don't appear either) open their profile, select mute, close the guide button, and finally get back into the game.

Why don't they go a step further and ban them completely?

Although this may persuade me to get Halo 3. The screaming kids on Halo 2 were a major turn-off when I played it round a friends house.

because they dont have the resources to moderate the servers and having it done by a majority vote or whatever will see idiots ganging up on legit or better players and getting them banned.

hahah i kinda have my own "button" for such things for when my sons playing halo2 and starts with verbal crap, i pull his rj45 out of the router heheh he soon shuts up :P

good idea as there seem to be more squaking verbal drivel spouted in halo games than anything else he/I play.

PureLegend said,
They do. It's called "Mute Player"

No. I mean like a button specifically designed to mute players in game without going to the pause menu, and then end up getting killed.

this button takes you out of the game in that you get a player list and need to use a joystick to do the deed thus your quite likely to die doing it anyway. Just wait until you die to mute them if its an issue.