Halo series sells 50 million copies for Microsoft

Microsoft has yet to state officially how many copies of Halo 4 it's sold since the Xbox 360 shooter was launched in early November. However, today the company did reveal that the entire Halo series has now sold 50 million copies across all of its many titles since the first Halo was released in 2001.

GameSpot points out that Microsoft said in October that the Halo series had sold 46 million copies in its lifetime, just a few days before the launch of Halo 4. That may mean that Halo 4 has so far sold approximately four million copies since it launched. If true, that's certainly a good sign that Microsoft's internal developer 343 Industries has made a game that its fans want to buy. Previously, Bungie was the developer for most of the Halo series, including all its flagship FPS games.

In related news, Microsoft has also announced that its current weekly Spartan Ops DLC co-op campaign packs will go on hiatus starting December 10 but will return with new missions sometime later in January. Meanwhile, the Crimson Map Pack for Halo 4, adding three new multiplayer maps to the game, will be released via Xbox Live on December 10 for $10 or 800 Microsoft points.

Finally, Microsoft has announced it will hold the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge starting December 17. Microsoft says:

This free-to-enter tournament will track your personal score in War Games and the number of Spartan Ops chapters you complete on global leaderboards, and your progress with relevant Halo 4 Challenges.

The winner of the tournament will not only get to appear as an in-game character in a future Halo game but will also get a custom 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck with a Halo art design created by 343 Industries.

Source: GameSpot | Image via Microsoft

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This is what they need to bring to Windows Phone. They have to have killer apps, games, and something that grabs the average person's and hard core gamer's attention.

Many of the players are too young to drive, much less afford car insurance and GAS on a Ford SVT Raptor... really...

i thought that said halo 4 sold 50 million i spit my cereal out...........a moment of silence for the cereal please

Rabbit94 said,
i thought that said halo 4 sold 50 million i spit my cereal out...........a moment of silence for the cereal please

i thought that as well for a moment....

Mr.XXIV said,
Respect the game that made the Xbox hot in the first place.

I got all 49 Halo 4 achievements a few days ago.

This is just time pass news to compete with Black Ops 2.