Halo: The Television Series announced for Xbox One; Steven Spielberg as producer

Microsoft confirmed it will not only be launching all new games for the Xbox One, but also producing new television TV series, made especially for owners of next-generation console. One of the series it plans to produce - and one that will please long time Xbox gamers - is Halo: The Television Series.

Even more impressive is that the Halo TV series will have producing input from mega film and TV show maker Steven Spielberg. In a taped message, Spielberg stated during the Xbox One press event, "'I'm incredibly excited about the incredible journey Halo will take us on."

No other details about the TV series were announced, other than that Microsoft's Halo game developer 343 Industries will be involved in some way. This seems to be a natural follow up to Microsoft's 2012 web series, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, that was released at the same time as the Xbox 360 shooter Halo 4.

Microsoft has teams in a number of different locations around the world working on new television content, according to Microsoft's Entertainment and Digital Media president Nancy Tellem, including dramas, comedies, reality shows and shorts. Details about these shows have yet to be be released.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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He will be the producer, not the director. The question is will he be the producer (and be involved) or just the executive producer? Historically when Spielberg doesn't direct something he is the executive producer only and mostly work on let's say the marketing part of the movie or TV serie.

Spielberg has been the executive producer of many many average movies and TV series.

According to imdb he is curently the executive producer of the next Tin Tin, Real Steel 2, next Transformer, Robopocalyspe, next Jurassic Park, Under the Dome tv serie, Falling Skies tv serie and other projects i've not heard about.

He wont have much time to dedicate to this if he is the executive producer only. Much of his time will go to the next movie he'll actually direct and produce.

Edited by LaP, May 21 2013, 7:34pm :

don't want to see Falling Skies. nothing like the original. next Jurassic Park is really stretching it but with the advances in animation, special effects, etc its gonna be bawesome. u sound pretty informed

He also made the excellent Band of Brothers and The Pacific and both of them were like $200 million each for production. Directors don't matter much all the time for tv series. He might direct the pilot episode, but will make sure the other episodes are done properly.