Hands On: Limited edition Surface Wedge mouse

A few days ago, Microsoft announced a limited edition of the Surface Wedge mouse and we have gotten our hands on the device and snapped a few photos for your viewing pleasure. 

The Wedge mouse is attractive, minimalist, and built of high quality materials. Unlike the first edition of the Wedge mouse, the sides of this device are a matte black. Aside from the difference in color, this is the exactly same Wedge mouse that we reviewed a few months back and at that time, we praised the mouse for its mobile attributes but gave it low marks for ergonomics.

The Wedge mouse is a natuarl companion for the Surface Pro as its footprint inside your laptop bag will be quite small and uses Bluetooth to connect to your device. 

The limited edition Wedge Surface mouse will retain the $69.95 price point which is a bit hard to swallow but for those who need an ultra-portable mouse that has support for Windows 8, look no further.

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My Grandma had one of these, pretty sure it didn't have bluetooth and spent most of its time propping the door open

I bought the original Wedge mouse for my Surface. It's not for prolonged use for sure. But to get 'down and dirty' with some actual work on the Surface, that thing is awesome. I take it in my carry on whenever I travel and if I have to remote into something or do stuff in Office, it's awesome.

I've the Original Wedge Mouse and I don't see why you guys give it that point for ergonomic. It's an awesome thing in combination with Windows 8.

Haven't tried one yet but looks extremely uncomfortable. Even though the idea is to be extremely portable they still could've spent more time in the ergonomics department and worry about the design later. I too am getting a little fed up with this design over functionality mentality. Stop trying to be like Apple all stylish and **** first. They already got that. MS has always been about productivity first hence why they hold the lion's share of the PC market.

This minimalistic bull**** is corroding MS (and many companies) from inside, sacrificing functionality and ergonomics in favor of "good design"? the truth is: lazyness and poor imagination of this "designers". Whoever it is the responsable of this direction, I hope he/she burn in hell.

yeah, it's terrible how this mouse is the only mouse they make and it's not just an "option" for those who want a super tiny travel mouse...

Yeah me too. As I said before, the responsible of this hipster-design must be fired at once. US$70 ??!?!? GTFO...

it's mean to be super portable, and to be used as a finger mouse.

not as a actual work mouse, but something you bring with you with your surface, or ultrabook which you only carry in a sleeve.

yeah thats what i was thinking of it as, but still unusable. As a business portable device you still need to use it. It is hard to move around, killer on the fingers and wrist.

Funny thing is, I have seen MacBook Air users with this mouse. It was quite surprising, as the touch pad on MBA is very good. But I guess some like its small size and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yeah, I use one of these and after getting used to it I love it.
Mine's starting to become faulty though and very occasionally registers a single click as a double click.