Hands-On: Nokia Lumia 930

Earlier today Nokia announced the Lumia 930 and we got a little hands on time with Nokia’s newest Windows Phone that will soon go on-sale. While the device resembles the Nokia Icon, this phone is destined for markets outside the US.

The phone was running Windows Phone 8.1 and, much like our Icon, ran the OS without any issues. Cortana was working well and we got to check out Microsoft’s digital assistant which we will talk about in an upcoming post.

The phone felt great in your hand and the metal chassis gives the device a bit of heft to it that provides for a premium feel. Overall, there is not much difference between this and the Lumia Icon but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either.

Seeing that this device will not be coming to AT&T, who has traditionally been the strongest strategic partner for Nokia in the US, we would hedge that they will have a new device for that carrier in the near future. With that being said, look for our hands on of the Lumia 630 in a post later today.

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I like where WP is going. I really hope developers start to take note and port their applications to the OS.

I think Neowin took the pictures with a Samsung S4... horrible quality. Next time Please use any of the 920 and up Nokia handsets please.

Is the grill on the back the handsfree speaker. It's not going to work unless you flip the phone over and then the phone is useless if you need to check calendar or emails while on the call.

The Samsung Galaxy series is a bloaty, plastic nightmare. I like the direction they are taking.. but my 1020 is only 6 months old and soon to get 8.1 so it will be a while until I pay real attention to the market.

So the case is actually silver/aluminium but it's got a choice of colour plastic backing shoved on it :? How bloody ugly.

And it's an international variant of the Icon with Cortana running on it, but Cortana will only be released in the US initially? I'm holding onto my 920 for the moment and I hope Microsoft come up with something that can compete with hardware like the S5 before they're sunk!

Hopefully Microsoft releases an unbranded Nexus style version of this phone for the U.S.

I'd love to get one

I get the impression that SIM-only carriers and SIM-free outlets are virtually non-existent in the US? It's not often you imagine us Brits get the better deal. I'll just wait for smartfonestore.com to start stocking these things.

Ok? We can argue back and forth about which one of the three phones you mentioned is better. I'm not sure how this phone is a "take that Apple, Samsung and everyone else."

AsherGZ said,
Now that's what you call a phone. Take that Apple, Samsung and everyone else!

The size is almost a tablet to me, so take that AsherGZ!

I can come up with more random statements such as yours if you want?

"Overall, there is not much difference between this and the Lumia Icon but that's not necessarily a bad thing either."
It is when they're not releasing it till June. Why even bother announcing it when it won't be out for at least 2 months.

What can I say except I WANT ONE! :) I think that I'm gonna replace my S3 with Lumia 930 after the prices have come down a bit.

All them megapixels and no nipple. I think I will get this phone immediately upon release unless they announce a 1030 before then.

Hopefully a 1030 resembles the 1020 rather than a cube like this thing! if they can make a 1030 not have the camera hanging out the back of it so much and with inbuild Qi I'll be throwing money at them!