Hands on: TCL's Android powered TV with inbuilt Kinect-like functionality

The Creative Life (TCL) unveiled a range of 3D LED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

TCL has created China's first domestic Android TV featuring an open-source platform enabling developers to create various programs and widgets for the device. Other Android products include TCL's smart phone and MID, which feature a full-range of products allowing consumers to access a variety of applications and utilities.

TCL's most impressive product was an unreleased Kinect-like TV. The Android based TV is currently under research and development, something that the company prides itself on. Neowin got to play with the new TV but officials at the booth were reluctant to share any solid information on specifications, availability or any further features. We understand that the TV works by using two sensors in the front of the device that locate the user who controls the user interface. The functionality is very similar to Microsoft's Kinect and computes gesture based navigation signals sent by the end user. Check out our hands on video below for a glimpse at how movement sensors can be integrated into consumer electronics to provide a unique way to interact with devices.

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JunkMail said,
That movie "Idiocracy" is become real!

Microsoft was first to offer that by allowing 6 channels at once via their Mediaroom platform, just like in idiocracy (and Back to The Future II).

xtruder said,
Wow, how lazy are people going to get?

Oh please, its no more lazy than remotes, just more convenient is all.

xtruder said,
Wow, how lazy are people going to get?

Lazy? you'd move more with this then sitting on a couch with a remote

xtruder said,
Wow, how lazy are people going to get?

I like the idea a lot. Imagine you're eating pizza or whatever and your hands have ketchup all over it. How are you gonna switch to the another channel showing boobs? The time you wash/clean your hands the interesting part will be over.