Happy Bonfire Night!

Well ladies and Gentlemen, might i wish you all the best whilst practising age old rituals of burning catholics. Well.... dummies of them that is :).

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Blow one up for neowin...:P

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hehe The British do seem to know a lot more about US History that the Americans do of the UK history, groundhog day, Independance day etc etc all these days Americans have we remember but not Americans the other way round :P just funny thats all

Gents, clarification. The catholic remark was a "joke" in the sense that the traditions and reasons behind bonfire night / 5th November are often forgotten - its viewed as a great oppertunity for asian fireworks producers to make a few $$$$ - not as a reminder to Brits that catholics are evil (not that they are any more - but they were at the time).

I am in no way anti-catholic, and am most certainly not a fu*king idiot! If you take offense at a joke, then please, chastise me for........ christmas.... oh - but wait, catholics have that. erm..... easter - yeah thats a good un - oh but no - you also have that. What else...... good friday- hey ****- you guys share all the same festivals as us- whats the deal with that?

:old: :right: :P :P

i have loads of catholic friends.... so dont even start down that course. In england- unlike the roudy colonies to the north west religion is taken with a pinch of salt to most




look up the gun powder plot on google :paranoid: :ponder: