Happy New Year from Neowin

For some of our friends in Australia and New Zealand, 2012 is already here; and we would like to extend a very Happy New Year to them and everyone else as it starts rolling in around the world.

We appreciate your continued support whether you are a reader, forum member, Subscriber or past staff member (Veteran). You guys make what Neowin is today and we hope to continue to bring you the news, features and a great community in 2012 and beyond.

This year has not been without event, which I'm sure everyone who is familiar with the site has come to expect; hopefully in 2012 we won't need to deal with anymore A/C leaks and the resulting server damage.

Again thanks everyone, have a safe New Years transition and please be careful with the fireworks should you use them.

Do let us know what your plans are for tonight in the comments.

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