Happy New Year! from Neowin Staff

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Happy new Year and a prosperous 2007 from all of us here on the Neowin Staff.

We appreciate your continued support whether you are a reader, forum member, subscriber or veteran. You guys make what Neowin is today and we hope to continue to bring you the news, features and a great community in 2007 and beyond.

Our forum upgrades are complete, we have also updated the main site fixing bugs that you have reported and we have some surprises and new things coming to you in 2007 as well.

Again thanks everyone, have a safe New Years transition and please be careful with the fireworks should you use them.

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happy new year... to bad i was sleeping durring the point where it hit midnight (the new year) ... so overall new year dont really feel to good for me... overall it just feels like another day to me... atleast christmas was good ;)

plus it still dont really feel like 2007 lol

Apologise for reply to silly post, follow by example and rules and regulations. Happy New Year to all the staff and members at neowin.