Has IE 7 turned back Firefox?

Firefox's success in chipping away at Internet Explorer's majority Web browser market share has slowed since Microsoft Corp. began pushing the new IE7 as an automatic update to Windows users last year, a management consulting firm said yesterday. But a Web metrics company immediately disputed the conclusion, saying that IE7's introduction has helped -- not hurt -- Firefox. According to Janco Associates, which tracked users to several Web servers that the Nevada-based company manages, Firefox's growth rate has stalled since December 2006, when Microsoft started automatically issuing IE7 to Windows users. "We've started to see a stabilization of the marketplace," said Victor Janulaitis, Janco's CEO. "In three years, IE lost about 15% of the market share, but we're now seeing that leveling off."

From December 2006 to this month, Firefox's share increased less than a percentage point, from 12.5% to 13.4%. Meanwhile, IE's overall share climbed to 70.5% in March from December's 67.5%. In particular, IE7's share almost tripled from the beginning of December by March 1, climbing from 6.9% to 18.7%. Firefox's stall, said Janulaitis, meant that it and other IE rivals won't be able to overtake Microsoft's browser "without some major new innovation or driver."

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IE doesn't even use web standards, how the heck can that be better? Seriously. If IE had web standards it could compete with Firefox, until then, it's just a crappy browser injected into your operating system. If you had to actually download a browser with both the same advertising marketing, Firefox would predominate as it would be recommended much more. Seriously, push your brain and think a little.

Haha, I always love posts like these... "If IE had web standards"

Technically, no browser has "web standards," just some have better implementations of the standards than others. But I don't think any browser could be considered completely "standards-compliant."

I don't have any particular browser loyalty, though I detest IE with a passion. However, that aside...

a management consulting firm said yesterday
What on earth would qualify a firm specialising in management consulting to make such statements? It makes no sense at all.

I was always a Firefox fan back in the early days but don't use it anymore for a couple of reasons:

- The UI sucks on Mac OS
- It seems to eat up resources if you leave it open for a long time. I leave my browser open all the time, so pretty soon Firefox is making my system slow down to a crawl.

I still always recommend it to any casual users out there, but if I was using Windows it'd be IE7 for me.

IE7 might be increasing its numbers, but FF will stay the #1 browser for avid PC users because of the plethora of extensions available. Web developers (such as myself) will still use it because of the fact that you can read the source of a website in a color-coded fashion, and the fact that FireFox still renders XHTML/CSS WAAAY better than IE7 does. Designers will continue to use it because of the many extensions available that make designing somewhat easier. I myself use ColorZilla at least once a day.

Also, let us keep in mind the fact that MS is playing their favorite game again... They sit and watch other companies and organizations innovate, then slap together their own version and let it take over the smaller guy. They dominate the OS field, let's not let them dominate the web.

Opera allows you to view colour coded source without the need of extensions as does Maxthon and Mozilla didn't implement tabbed browsing till AFTER Opera(InternetWorks was the first), so by your logic Mozilla used the innovations of another company. Quit the rhetoric

I'm all for aternatives to MS but that doesn't mean that other companies like Apple and Mozilla are angels and/or the answer

I've personally given up trying to install firefox on people's PC's at home. I get asked to come around and clean spyware, reboot systems and generally get the system running as it should, but when I suggest they use firefox they just say "ok", and then use it. Then, when I'm gone, they load up MSN, msn tells them they have new emails, and takes them to hotmail using IE even if firefox is default.

Then IE says "IE is not your default browser, would you like to change this" and low and behold, the vicious circle continues. I haven't installed IE7 on this PC, last time I did it just crashed and froze every time I went to use it. Firefox is generally much more stable for me.

Firefox asks to be made the default browser all the time, and to be honest IE7 is a lot better at preventing spyware than before.

Have you ever thought about telling them why they are getting spyware, instead of just telling them to use firefox. I've used IE all my life and never got one virus or piece of spyware.

At least Ff doesn't take several seconds to export bookmarks or clear history. Ff does it instantly!

Plus they got AdBlock+ & FlashBlock add-ons for 'FREE'. Lot of the add-ons for IE you got to pay for (lame).

Thats why I like Firefox. :cheeky:

i dont care.

both are good browsers. and lets keep in mind:

they are there for looking at websites, not much more.

im writing this using firefox since its relatively small and fast. and im on a mac. plus i didnt need any extension so far. because i use it for... browsing the web. fullstop. =)

i could also use safari or omniweb or whatever but i like FF. no reason maybe.

I dont care what people use, all I know is competition is a good thing. Without FF or even something like Opera would we have IE7? Probably but who knows?

Why does it matter what market share each browser has? As long as I am not forced to use Internet Explorer, I don't really care.

Firefox users should worry more about the TPM chip which will take the personal out of personal computer. The TPM chip controls what software runs on your computer and what operating system it runs. It's a very big threat to open source software, especially Linux.

Read even more here

Personally, I'm sick of all this corporation and market share trash. The only reason Internet Explorer has more market share, is obviously because dumb yuppie middle class idiots that have a bunch of children everywhere running around the house see the Dell, HP, etc. commercials, call them up, order a computer that has a bunch of crap hardware in it. They get it and hook it up, and right on the desktop they see Internet Explorer. They take nearly 30 minutes to figure out they have to double click the icon and then they see the internet is alright provided they have an internet connection(If the installer was smart enough), figure everything is alright and nothing is wrong.

Most of Internet Explorer's market share is full of the above type of people. As long as the above continues to happen, Internet Explorer will remain the dominant browser despite how much the semi-educated World of Warcraft player tells everyone about Firefox.

well me personally im a firefox user and have been since a little before the v1.0 release... but ill try to be fair on both sides of the field.

main reason i dont like IE7 is it's interface!... they screwed it up... but on a good note it's (IE7) clearly overall better than IE6 was (besides interface) cause it's got tabbed browsing now which is one of the major things IE6 lacked which made firefox WAY better.

plus another reason i like firefox over IE6/7 in general is cause of extensions... although i pretty much only use 1 addon it's still does something that once i got used to it i would rather not browse without and it is "TabScroller" ... basically what is does is, when i hold down right mouse button and scroll the mouse wheel it switches tabs instantly this way i aint gotta manually move mouse to tab bar and click each tab (saves time) ... IE7 lacks this so thats another reason i dont like IE7.

bottom line = IE7 on the whole got much better than IE6 and overall it's much closer to firefox now, although i dont like it's (IE7's) interface and it lacks extensions so i wont be leaving firefox anytime soon (if ever) ;)

i think alot of the reason IE will ALWAYS be by far the king of web browsers for the mass public is cause it's basically included with windows, which pretty much guarantee's the average joe (and theres alot of em) will use IE related browsers.... cause it's like alot of peoples comments said above.... most users pretty much only goto a few websites/check mail/order stuff online etc and they DONT CARE about which browser they use as long as it works there happy, so this right here guarantee's that there going to be using IE related web browsers.

ok, why people always have to ****ing put down anything tries kill Microsoft stronghold? I'm glad theres other option for browsers, not same old boring IE everyone use... I wish there was real os would actually give Microsoft good run for there money.. I'm still waiting for macos and linux to give Microsoft the good run..

From a web developer point of view, I'd love if every IE user upgraded to IE7. While it's still far from the standards support of Opera and FF, it is better than IE6. I truly hope Microsoft get on the bandwagon and makes IE standards compliant because that would make my job easier and give me more things to work with.

As a browser, IE7 is IMO still far behind any other major browsers. Opera is IMO the best browser at the moment when it comes to functionality. It has lots of smart features, the new Speed Dial in 9.2 beta is a great simple idea that makes browsing the net just that more enjoyable. Mouse gestures are another. Sure you can browse WWW without them but once you get used to them you wonder how you ever did without 'em.

The drawback of having tons of functionality and a very customizable UI is that to the average user it will seem complex and to the less-than-average user (the type who needs help just installing a program) very difficult. MS is doing well if you look at it like that. All the software they bundle with Windows is made to be fairly easy to use. The problem is that to a "power user" that means that they don't offer features you may need and the UI tends to be simplistic with more advanced features (if there are any) hidden behind endless menus. Now that I think of it, I don't think I use any Microsoft programs aside from Windows itself because there are better options available.

For the record I usually install Firefox instead of Opera when I go fix an "average" or "less-than-average" user's computer simply because Firefox is a bit more like IE and without extensions more simple to use.

Heck , I use Opera for browsing mostly. I especially like the forward function on some pages that allow me to browse thru photos easier. And the mouse gestures...albeit I have a mouse gesture plugin for firefox to do almost the same stuff.

I personally like IE 7 but Firefox has a nice spell checker built into any text box on the web. That's why I'm sticking with FF simply for the spell checker. And I just like it a little better.

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