LG G Watch review

· with 27 comments

LG joins the Android Wear wagon with it's first device, the G Watch promising IP67, an IPS display and more. How does it perform in daily situations and is it ready for prime time?

Samsung Gear Fit Review

· with 6 comments

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness band with a unique curved display and heart rate monitor. But how does this wearable device differ from Samsung's other offerings like the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo?

LG G Flex review

· with 15 comments

The LG G Flex is possibly one of the more interesting devices released in the past couple years. While the curved display is unique, does it actually create a better experience for the device?

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

· with 29 comments

The Galaxy S5 is packed with features, including water-resistance, heart rate sensor, fingerprint reader, 4K video recording and an all-new TouchWiz UI. But is Samsung's new flagship really any good?

HTC One (M8) review

· with 17 comments

We have taken the new HTC One (M8) and given it a shakedown to see if this device is worth all the hype or if it will be overlooked by other Android devices that have been recently released.

Nokia X review

· with 43 comments

Nokia's very first Android-based smartphone has landed in stores, and here's an in-depth review about its performance, usability and all the blasphemous things Nokia did by cheating on Windows Phone.

Review: Nokia Lumia Icon

· with 31 comments

Nokia's latest Windows Phone, the Lumia Icon, is in our shop for review and with the company about to be absorbed by Microsoft, this could be one of the last great Nokia phones to be built.

Review: Nokia Lumia 2520

· with 31 comments

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is the company's first step into the tablet market but did Nokia build a quality tablet or will this get lost on the crowded retail shelves?

Steam Machine Review

· with 51 comments

Only 300 people were selected to test Valves take on the future of a home entertainment gaming platform. One of those testers is also a Neowin regular, and we are allowed to share it with you.

Review: Xbox One

· with 71 comments

Microsoft's Xbox One is a $500 bet on the future of the living room set-top box and game console, but is it a worthwhile purchase at this time for both gamers and TV fans?

Review: BlackBerry Z30

· with 24 comments

BlackBerry's latest handset, the Z30, is now on sale at Verizon but will BB0S 10.2 finally be ready for consumers or is it still filled with bugs that need to be squashed before you buy the phone?

A month with the Surface 2

· with 45 comments

Microsoft's second generation Surface has been on the market for a month and we have been using the device extensively over that time period to give a deeper look at the tablet.

Firefox OS Review

· with 58 comments

Firefox OS is a newcomer on the mobile scene going head to head with big competitors. Can the red-haired fox do for mobile what it did for browsers many years ago? Read our two-part review to find out

Review: iPad Air

· with 120 comments

Apple has rebranded their flagship 9.7 inch tablet to highlight the drastic reduction in its size and weight, but even with performance enhancements, is the iPad Air worthy of its steep price?

Review: Google Nexus 7 (2013)

· with 41 comments

Google has refreshed its Nexus 7 tablet with a better display, a new rear camera and a slimmer, lighter design - but it costs more too. Can it still prove that the best things come in small packages?

Review: Surface 2

· with 74 comments

Microsoft is back with an updated Surface that has many new features and an updated OS but will the Surface 2 be enough to finally make inroads against the market-dominating iPad?

OS X Mavericks Review

· with 97 comments

The questionably named OS X Mavericks is out for all to purchase today. But should we trust this very incremental update? Are the performance updates really noticeable?

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