Here's what Nokia has in store with the Black update

Nokia Conversations has recently announced the availability of the new Nokia Camera and Nokia Beamer apps for Windows Phone 8 based Lumia smartphones.

The company has been actively developing innovative features related to photography and geolocation for Windows Phone, to distinguish themselves from other OEMs such as HTC and Samsung. Nokia showcased the Camera and Beamer apps at Nokia World 2013 but didn't announce the availability and requirements at the time.

The new Camera app announced by Nokia combines the Smart Camera and Pro Camera apps, which were previously released for Windows Phone 8 "Amber" running Lumias. Nokia Camera is aimed at giving a "perfect photo experience" according to David Fredh, Lead Program Manager for Nokia Camera. The app allows users to change various advanced settings such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus in an easy to use way. Features from Smart Camera such as Best Shot, Action Shot, Motion Focus and the ability to remove objects from photos have been added to the Nokia Camera.

The Nokia Beamer app is similar to the Photobeamer app which allowed users to share images to any internet connected device using a QR code. Now, Nokia has gone a few steps further with the Beamer app, which now lets users share their phone screen to any connected device allowing streaming of presentations and/or other documents. The app makes use of a unique URL generated for the user to mirror the content securely from the smartphone to the device which has access to the URL. Devices which are close to the user can also scan a QR code to connect. Nokia Beamer comes with a "manual" mode to control what is being streamed to the other devices.

Both the newly announced apps will be available for Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020 as well as the recently announced Lumia 1320 and 1520. These apps require the users to have the Nokia Black update which is a customized version of Windows Phone 8 Update 3 from Nokia. The update is expected to land on older Lumia smartphones in early 2014 while it comes pre-installed on the Lumia 1320 and 1520.

Source: Nokia Camera, Nokia Beamer | Images via Nokia

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Oh, that's so disappointing that they didn't post something specifically for you. I happen to be interested, so I appreciate it. The best thing to do is to move on and leave it to those who do care, rather than whine.

If you don't care, then don't add a comment saying "I really don't care". It's a very childish thing to do. I come across a lot of stuff I don't care about on the Internet and I simply move on and forget about it.

Nokia Beamer isn't a camera-focused app. It's an innovative concept, the ability to stream your Windows Phone screen wirelessly to any screen in the world if they have the link.

I'm wondering if/when the MS Nokia deal goes final that MS can offer all these current Nokia exclusive software as part of a paid for WP8.x license to other OEMs, but at the same time offer a base WP OS image without the Nokia stuff to OEMs for free. I think that'd make things pretty interesting for OEMs like HTC and so on going forward.

I have the Nokia camera on my 520 ( inst.. via proxy). Its awesome.
Takes much better pictures than my xperia sl,even in low light.

Dhillon said,
I have the Nokia camera on my 520 ( inst.. via proxy). Its awesome.
Takes much better pictures than my xperia sl,even in low light.

How u downloaded it on Lumia 520 and what does inst.. Via proxy mean?

You are not required to have Update 3 for the Nokia Camera-app. I have it on my 920 - the store simply updated the Nokia Camera Pro-app to Nokia Camera.

True, however if you read the update description, it notes that not all features will work without the Black update

That's not what it says at all! It just states that all Lumia phones who don't have access to it now will have access to it once they get the Black update.

"You can also find out more about the Lumia Black update online at Nokia Camera works with limited functionality on phones with the Lumia Amber software update"

Word for word off the Nokia Camera app description