Hisense announces new Windows Phone 8.1 device, Mira6

Hisense has unveiled its first Windows Phone device, the Mira6. The Windows Phone 8.1 device has a 5" HD display, a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in memory with expansion via microSD, and an 8MP rear and 5MP front-facing camera. The phone will measure in at 7.1mm thin and have dual-SIM support. The design of the device closely resembles the Apple iPhone 5 or 5S with a metal back and plastic outer edges. 

According to LiveSino, the Mira6 will be China Telecom's first Windows Phone 8.1 device. More curious is the device's uncommon button arrangement. Traditionally, Windows Phone devices have a back, home, and search button for navigation. In the promotional video, the Mira6 has Android-style buttons. While it's unclear whether this is just for the demo video, it might be the case that the Mira6 will support both Android and Windows Phone 8.1. For clarification, Hisense has been contacted and we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

Although Hisense has committed to breaking into the U.S. market this year, the Mira6 will most likely remain a China exclusive. 

Source: LiveSino | image via Hisense

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Expecting this to perform like a low-end Android device. Hisense is another brand I would stay away from.

In actual fact, I'm expecting it to work just as well as YouKu!

Performance would be same as every other WP device with the same internals, which means better than most Android flagships. Build quality though...

Timi Cantisano said,
emailed these guys to find out whats going on. thats the first thing that caught me eye.

There should be a connection between MicroMax W121 Windows 8.1 phone announcement as that too had same issue of rendering fault and not to mention the hardware is very much identical...