HopStop Windows Phone app discontinued following Apple purchase

Late on Friday, reports started hitting the Internet that Apple had acquired HopStop, a company that has released a transit-navigation app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. HopStop would not comment on these stories and, when contacted by Apple, media outlets got the usual statement from the generally press shy company: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

Now there's a new development. AllThingsD.com reports that the Windows Phone HopStop app has now been discontinued. Indeed, the Windows Phone Store page for the HopStop app, which is still live, shows a new description: "This app is no longer published." It was last updated just recently, on July 10th.

So why get rid of the Windows Phone app, when the iOS and the Android versions are still live? Apple is not commenting and HopStop is still not making any comments whatsoever to the press about their Apple acquisition or the removal of the Windows Phone app.

It's possible that Apple didn't want to publish a version of the HopStop app for a rival platform, but if so why is the Android app still available to download. It would appear that this mystery won't be solved anytime soon.

Source: AllThingsD.com via WindowsObserver.com | Image via HopStop

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