HP clocks up 24-hour laptop battery life

HP has beaten Dell - in the laptop battery longevity hype stakes, that is. It's produced a notebook with a full-day runtime, it claims - five hours longer than Dell's most recent battery life boast. Register Hardware readers will not be surprised to learn there's a catch. Several catches, in point of fact.

First, you need to add an optional-extra secondary battery to the EliteBook 6930p to come within striking range of the claimed duration. Punters will also need to make sure their 6930p uses not only one of Intel's new 80GB solid-state drives but also an "HP Illumi-Lite LED display". They'll have to run Windows XP - not Vista, you'll note; so much for the latest technology.

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I've got an HP Tablet with the secondary battery (don't even notice it tbh) and I get between 10-14 hours now. Much nicer than my Dell which gets 2...oh, and I'm running Vista

Who cares.. use with Vista and a normal screen, get 4 hrs or so less. That's still 20 hrs, 1 hr more than Dell (which had catches too)

Too many conditions to get the 24 hour battery life. I wonder what you'd get for battery life if you actually USED the computer with that same setup.

"They'll have to run Windows XP - not Vista"
QFT, Best quote ever. Vista being green is like me saying smoking cigs is the most beneficial thing you can do.

Sound like a flamebait, sooner or later a fanboys will tell you about how vista is just 0.000000001% more battery inefficient rather xp, and other will show how vista is even more energy efficient because it's more secure ( ? ), and not to say the classic claim "vista will not need to be efficient, put the blame on manufacturer instead on vista or blame yourself to buy a cheap pc/notebook".

I still don't get why Battery technology is so slow... I mean surely by now they would have developed advanced Batterys that could last in Laptops alot longer! I'm still seeing really bad performance!

Because the oil industry does not want long lasting batteries beacuse that would speed up the electric cars development.

How would the oil industry have a say. Surely whoever develops the battery first would make millions upon millions which would be a big incentive to get some really impressive new battery tech out. If they could I'm sure they would release it and not hold it back just to keep oil companies happy.

The oil industry has so much money that they can use all sorts of underhanded tactics to bully, threaten, sue, intimidate and harass anyone who wants to develop the electric car into not developing the electric car. And if that doesn't work they just buy out the developer and shelve the technology. Look at what happened to GM. They had a working model that was being widely field tested, the car worked, the testers loved the cars and wanted to buy them after the testing program was finished, it was ready to enter mass production... and then suddenly GM terminated the whole program, had the cars crushed and then pretended like it never happened. More than a decade later, still no sensible explanation from GM as to why they did that, but we all know who put pressure on GM to kill the electric car, don't we? :mad:

why not vistaaaa !

but ok if i ever got it i will reformat and install vista myself at least without mfg. bloats

(Shadrack said @ #3.1)
Aero Glass in Vista is the culprit. CPU AND GPU cycles are rough on power usage.

Nice try but that is completely false.

I wouldn't claim that as a 24 hour battery life with all of those conditions. You may as well advertise the iphone for a 400 hour battery life, aslong as you don't use it

It'll last alot longer than 400 hours under the condition that you don't turn the device on. I agree, using two batteries and then imposing those restrictions is pretty dumb and no way an indication of typical use.

For what it's worth my Laptop battery has lasted all year due to the condition that an ac power plug was also inserted. :S

(brent3000 said @ #1.1)
i hear if u disable the antenna it can last for quite awhile... :confused:

But then it isn't a phone at all.