HP laptops to sport long-lasting 'Enviro' batteries

Hewlett-Packard early next year will begin offering a new line of "Enviro" batteries for laptop users who want to upgrade to longer-lasting and more sustainably designed batteries. HP and Boston Power have been testing the Sonata lithium-ion batteries for three years.

Laptop battery time typically starts to drop significantly after 150 or so charges, or cycles. The "Enviro" batteries are designed specifically for laptop use and even after three years of use, the batteries will be able to keep 80 percent of their initial charge. The "Enviro" batteries are also environment friendly according to Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder and CEO of Boston Power.

An HP representative on Tuesday said that the Sonata batteries will cost between $20 and $30 more than traditional batteries and will be available on some consumer laptop machines. There will be a three-year warranty, and no system changes are required.

Image courtesy of Cnet

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It would be nice if they make these available aftermarket as well so those of us who recently purchased laptops would have the option of upgrading our existing hardware.

Actually, no :(. The battery won't be useless 3 years later though.
Usually battery loses about 50%-60% of charge permanently after 3 years of use. This one will only lose about 20%.

What capacities do they come in?

Also, I see they show a 6-cell normal battery is the same size as a 3-cell enviro battery. So they will be named like '3-cell' then but be the same size as a 6-cell?