HP, Lenovo and Acer will all have new Windows 7 PCs after Windows 8 launch

A few days ago, it was reported that Dell will sell a number of new PC models with Windows 7 still installed even after the launch of Windows 8 on October 26th. That includes PCs from their gaming themed Alienware lineup. Today, Neowin contacted a number of other large PC makers and asked them if they would also offer some PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed after the launch of Windows 8.

Customer service representatives from HP, Lenovo and Acer all told Neowin today over the phone they would offer at least some new PCs with Windows 7 installed after October 26th. The HP rep that we talked to could not give any specifics on which models would have Windows 7 still installed, saying only they would offer "two desktops and two laptops" for people who still wanted to have Windows 7.

The Lenovo representative we talked to said that the company still plans to offer both ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops with Windows 7 included for sale after Windows 8 launches. The Acer rep we talked to over the phone also confirmed they would still offer Windows 7 PCs for sale after October 26th, but did not have any details as to the models they would have available.

So, if you really, really don't want to get a new PC with Windows 8 pre-installed after October 26th, there appears to be many avenues a consumer will be able to take in order to get a new Windows 7-based PC.

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News update from the department for the bleeding obvious: Manufacturers will still have excess Windows 7 stock after the release of Windows 8. Stay tuned for more!

It's funny how these are the exact three OEMS that in my mind have no style or ideas of their own. They're just looking around and trying to do what the others are doing 2 years later.

It is no small wonder that they also lack the backbone to really step into a new age of computing. With their weak line of unoriginal Windows 8 devices and soon-to-be outdated PCs and laptops they'll miss the boat again.

And in 2 years when they're finally ready to commit they'll complain that Surface has taken their marketshare. Oh wait they're already doing that... before launch.

Stardock screenshot is ugly. Their solutions is not elegant or attractive by any means...

Why is it even included here? because Stardock owns neowin... this is unfortunate.
Neowin used to be my favorite XP customization site! and none of the quality stuff was from stardock. Stardock just seem forced on around here.

Wow, it feels like 1995, 1998, 2001, 2006, 2009 all over again...

ZDNet Windows 98
Some PC manufacturers are less than enthusiastic about offering the new operating system to customers. A source at one top-tier computer company was particularly downbeat, saying: "We would love to be able to say we can do a bunch of neat things to hardware and software designs, but there's really nothing new [with Windows 98]. It's late, there's no compelling consumer value to it, and it's costly to transition to a new OS."

Which we know how horrible Windows 98 did... Oh wait, it sold amazingly well. (And that was without Microsoft even getting the Press to focus on new features like sound multi-plexing and other features that most people liked but didn't really notice.)

Side Note...
I was going through old Newsgroups posts from 1996/1997, and there was a ton of people complaining about the Start Menu in Windows 95, and how to get their 'Program Manager' back.

It was just like reading the comments when Windows 8 is mentioned on Neowin the last couple of months.

People tried to explain to users how Program Manager was antiquated, had less features, how they could do so much more with Explorer and the Start Menu.

However, most of the time the conversations ended with people explaining how to alter the 'shell' setting to give the users back Program Manager.

(Which can also be done on Windows 8 [sorry Stardock] by altering the shell setting.)

Might as well not bother with any Windows 8 gear then and sit back while apple eats their lunch and MS sells all the Windows 8 PC's. Surface desktop anyone?

warwagon said,
Umm...what's with the UGLY UI screenshot?
That would be Stardock's winblinds and fences. It has nothing to do with this post