HP Touchpad shown off on video...by SanDisk

HP is about to enter the tablet market to take on Android and iOS with its WebOS platform. HP has been relatively quiet about the product, aside from the initial showing, and has managed, so far, to keep any major leaks about the product from hitting the web.

All of that changes today thanks to SanDisk who happily showed off HP's new tablet in all of its glory. The video comes from 9to5mac.com and it clearly shows off the new tablet in a nearly 5 minute video. It is likely that HP will get the video pulled soon, so enjoy the presentations while the video is still live.

HP's entry into the tablet market is heavily anticipated. If you have not ever used the WebOS platform, many say that it rivals Apple's iOS on nearly every front. The problem with the platform is that it was never marketed successfully which eventually lead to HP buying Palm.

The platform is a worthy competitor, while never receiving the same attention as iOS and Android, it is an intuitive design that only needs proper marketing to help speed up the adoption rate.

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Visually the OS looks good
I view it

(and before anyone says, I've marked it down due to unconformity between its various systen OS parts, I think yes iOS depending on opinion could swop places, Android is nice in parts but needs some finishing touch polish)

The lag on show was worrying, especially at the time was saying no lag (plus was it just me but its a strange square shape?)

The success wil all depend on the supporting infastructure which at the moment is stopping me getting a android tablet

Doesn't matter if someone can make a tablet better than an iPad,
Apple will still be #1 because they have the most apps...

Rovio ported Angry Birds to webOS in 2-3 days. There are extensive guides for easily porting your iOS apps--I'm not sure about Android. I would say the SDK is more on the level of Android than iOS (no Xcode)... but with webOS you can create "app store" apps using basically just html (hints the "web" part of the name). HP picked up Richard Kerris to lead the webOS developer support group, who previously ran Apple's global developer relations.

seriouslyepic said,
Rovio ported Angry Birds to webOS in 2-3 days.

Angry Birds is heavily based on Lua…

It would look promising if I had any faith in HP's ability in this department at all. I'm still holding a grudge against them for defacating on the Out Of Box user experience on the Pc's that I have to setup every day. The only one who loads more of their own crap onto brand new pc's than HP is Toshiba. That # would be 22 different pieces of software.

It's all about developer support. What's the API/SDK look like? How easy is it to port apps? Microsoft has a huge edge here, and iOS as well. Android is breaking up badly due to fragmentation and I would expect that they will get really big problems as time goes by.

Can't tell if the unit is non responsive when he is trying to scroll up and down with his finger or if he's just waving the damn thing over the unit.

WebOS is dead dead dead, they should just take it cross platform and be done with it.. make webos apps work on ios, android, wp7, windows, linux so on and so forth.. maybe they could at least pressure Microsoft to get faster release cycles with silverlight

Looking forward to this HP really has the Multitouch thing down to an art
(even better if it was Windows 8 though)