HP Wants That Inkjet Cartridge Back

Heweltt Packard announced on Wednesday that it's making strides in its efforts to be more environmentally friendly through the development of an engineering process that allows the company to use post-consumer recycled plastics when manufacturing new HP inkjet printer cartridges.

"As a company HP continues to look at ways to reduce our environmental foot print and this is another way on the front end that we're doing to drive the environmental factors that we're all facing today, whether we're a consumer or a large corporation like HP," said Ken Fleming, Director, North American Supplies Marketing.

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I prefer Canon Inkjet printers for their ink. Well 3rd party ink. Used to get blk/colour refilles for $20/pair ... OEM for $40/pair

I currently have a b/w Laser, and may buy a colour laser (used) this month or next when I gget income taxes done

they need to lower prices while they are at it... paid $58 for a black and tri-color for our officejet... which is having problems were talking to tech support because the BRAND NEW HP cartridgates come up as USED! on the screen... and HP person asked how much we paid for them we said $58 and they laughed and said wow... its bad when HP people laugh at their prices.... its even more fun when their own printer thinks their own genunie hp cartridges show up as used... but if they want them back give me a reason to... staples gives me $3 per cartridge...

they already pay for it... every cartridge comes with an envelope or toner you can get a lable online or its already in the box to ship it back

I think it they are more concerned about the refill market than they are the environment. If they can get
most of their cartridges back, it makes it a lot harder for the aftermarket to refill them.

I would have to agree with this.

God, with the cost of consumables for printers (mostly the ink) it really drives me to a paperless office.