HTC hints at wider availability of One M8 for Windows

HTC finally unveiled the long-awaited Windows Phone version of its Android flagship yesterday, but the news wasn't all good. As predicted, the One M8 for Windows will be exclusive - worldwide - to Verizon Wireless at launch, but that's all set to change in the coming months. 

In fact, it didn't take long for AT&T to rain on Verizon's parade, quickly pointing out that it too will offer the device (eventually), and even rolling out a page where users can sign up to be alerted when it becomes available. But will AT&T and Verizon be the only two carriers to offer it?

Shortly before AT&T crashed Verizon's party, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie told The Next Web: "Verizon is our exclusive launch partner, but our goal is to ultimately extend this product to even more customers later this year." His comments may have been referring solely to AT&T, but it does leave the door open for more US carriers to offer the device in the coming months. 

Neowin understands from sources at one of the UK's leading independent phone retailers that the HTC One M8 for Windows will be available there in Q4, although it is not yet clear if the device will be launched internationally in other markets before then. The handset passed through international GSM certification earlier this month.

Source: The Next Web | image via HTC

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HTC One M8 for Windows... /sigh

Well, don't be surprised when you go freaking bankrupt. I'm pretty sure nobody will by HTC One M8 for Windows with Windows 8.1 Update 1 god forsaken phone.

iPhone X, Lumia X, Galaxy SX, why, oh why HTC did you have to go with that stupid name? I guess it is better than HTC 8S with Windows Phone 8 Series.

Steven P. said,
Someone has a case of the Mondays, on Wednesday :s

Pretty much. As long as the product is good, who care about what they name it.

Among normal people the phone is called 'HTC One', as in 'I have a HTC One'. And when they ask 'which one?' than the answer is 'the latest' and a few years down the line it would be 'the old one'.

The M8 designation is just because officially calling it 'The new HTC One' is beyond stupid and only something Apple would get away with. The 'for windows' designation is to make it clear this is running Windows but most people would get that based on the UI.

In my opinion HTC has stopped the confusion by simply naming their flagship device the 'HTC One'. It's comparable to Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. But instead of '5S' or 'S4' its 'M8'. I dont see what your problem is.