HTC One detailed in another leaked video prior to release

Another full-length video has leaked courtesy of user Hans Meyer on Youtube. The new HTC One will be announced tomorrow at a press conference in New York. But, before the official announcement the leaked video (which is in German) gives a detailed look at the familiar handset. While the video does not deep dive into specifications it does give a great general overview of the device including some interesting features of the dual-camera.

This feature can be seen in detail at the seven minute mark where he shows the focus shifting capabilities of the HTC One. It seems like the dual-camera is meant to allow users to correct the focus after the picture has been taken. This works in a similar fashion to Nokia Refocus application that can be found on current Lumia handsets. Another neat camera trick is the ability to transform any photo into a 3D image. This can be seen at the 8:35 mark, which gives the user the capability to transform a 2D image into a 3D one. Although the effects look minimal in the video, I'm sure when experienced in person the effect is more impressive. Although I'm not sure how much functionality or day-to-day use this feature would have on a standard user, but it is interesting nonetheless. 

The video goes into further detail about a couple of other features including a power saving mode and extreme power saving mode. Once extreme power saving mode is activated a simplified UI is presented to the user with options for calls, messaging, email, calendar, and calculator. The HTC One will debut at an event tomorrow in New York at 8a.m. PST. 

Source: GSMArena | Image via Hans Meyer 

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I have the current HTC One errmmm 2013 model ;) and cannot see a reason to get this one at upgrade time. All phones need to have beats audio now, i cannot go back.

Needing a different UI to save battery? Sorry but just simplify and make clean the UI in general and you wont need a second!

Smh Same thing Im saying. They cant open up their brain to make a new name for the damn device. I would even be happy if they did the 1...2...3 thing. Every time I try to search for a case or something for my phone I get a bunch of results for HTC one X or the HTC One X+. This is the lazy phone I buy from them thought. They just gets too hot when In use and is very comfortable to use.

Don't get me wrong... I love HTC, I have the DNA right now, will probably upgrade to this... but we need a better naming scheme HTC :)

Well I have to HTC One now, I dont think I will be getting another. I mean it a lovely phone with a great UI and I love Blink Feed, but I want a bigger screen, better battery life and the constant heat of the phone is a pain in the ass as the the aluminium body conducts heat too good.

NerdyTech said,
how are all the htc phones called the one?

First HTC was just called HTC One. This HTC is technically called HTC One M8. So really dont see the problem with keeping the One name and really, they need a standardized naming scheme anyway.

MindTrickz said,
It's gorgeous. A lot better than Samsung's Galaxy phones.
I think opposite. Samsung's Galaxy designs seem to have more 'life'. The HTC One has always seemed rather bland to me.

MindTrickz said,
It's gorgeous. A lot better than Samsung's Galaxy phones.
Agree, and that brushed metallic look is by far and away better than Sammy's favorite fake leather look or the pockmarked back of the S5.