HTC One mini 2 to ditch duo camera, leaked image suggests

A Press image of an unannounced smartphone from HTC, allegedly known as the One mini 2 has been leaked by famous gadget information leaker, evleaks.

As the name suggests, the HTC One mini 2 will be a smaller variant of the company's latest flagship, the One (M8) with lower hardware specifications. Design wise the One mini 2 looks similar to One (M8) with the only difference being the lack of a duo camera at the back.

HTC launched the One mini smartphone in 2013 following the HTC One with toned down hardware specifications but retained the UltraPixel camera from its flagship smartphone. However, with the One mini 2 it seems that the company will be compromising on the depth detection feature introduced with the duo camera setup on the One (M8) by giving only a single camera on the mini variant.

It is not yet known when HTC will launch the One mini 2, but going by the last year's schedule the company might be aiming at a launch in June.

Source: evleaks | Image via evleaks

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The HTC Desire 816 had a 13mp camera, I hope the mini will have this too. The ultrapixel crap is a pretty lame excuse for a flagship phone.

LOL, too bad the M8 is stuck with a 4mp camera, when the "mini" will have a better camera with over 3x the resolution. I get the ultrapixel concept....but the people of the world associate more with better. Perhaps if they had an 8 megapixel ultrapixel it would be better, but to saddle it with 4?

Either put an 8 "Ultrapixel" camera or stop with the ultrapixel BS. No one wants a crappy 4MP camera on an expensive phone!