HTC reported to be building a Facebook phone and its specs have leaked

HTC and Facebook are old friends when it comes to the mobile game as HTC has already released a phone with a dedicated Facebook button. Not wanting to let that relationship fall apart, HTC is working with Facebook once again to build another device.

The information comes from the reliable unwired view who states that the phone will be called the HTC Myst and posted below is the spec lists for the device.

While the spec list does not look overly aggressive by any regards, it will be a device that should be able to hold its own on the market in terms of performance provided it hits the shelves in the near future.

The 4.3in display will certainly offer up an expansive view of Facebook and we will be quite curious to see if Facebook’s VOIP feature will be included with the phone. If Facebook can successful move its VOIP service into the mainstream to compete against Skype, it could offer a new revenue stream for the company as it looks to boost its bottom line.

While we do not have any images of the device yet, seeing that the specs have leaked, it would seem that images should surface in the near future based on the past leak cycles.

Source: Unwired View | Concept artwork image via dotpod

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How can rear camera be a standard 5MP! Facebook is literally a PHOTO sharing website. Something like a fat 15MP would probably have girls flocking over it, with them being able to take high resolutions of their food, or them crossing the street, or them walking.

Hmm? I thought they don't make those phones as Mark stated it:

Yesterday, as CNET reports, Zuckerberg reiterated on an earnings call with investors and analysts that there's simply no truth to the rumours. "We're not going to build a phone," he said, adding: "It's not the right strategy for us to build one integrated system. Let's say we sell 10 million units - that would be 1 percent of users."

I really cant see how any 'Facebook Phone' can differ from any other IOS/Android device with regards to Facebook integration?

But then I guess Facebook is pushed to try and make money other ways.
Might be cheaper to throw a few million down the drain now and save themselves the time.

They already made a Facebook phone? If it's just running Android with social widgets that connect to Facebook, I hardly would consider that a Facebook phone....

I assume it will be as popular as the first (failed) attempt... Has anyone even seen one of the first models in real world???

Ah yes, looks like Facebook will pull a Steve Jobs after all. Deny it up until the moment it is released.

Edited by warwagon, Mar 8 2013, 7:18pm :

well, trying to force this to the market when facebooks' popularity and 'cool' factor is on the steady decline - if it would have a keyboard at least it could be an unorthodox smartphone with some benefits to chat-crazies - but this is just another android phone with some UI that may or may not be more usable and handy as the other crappy android launchers out there

they should be worrying about their mobile and win8 client apps...