HTC Studio unveiled - Aims to regain HTC's edge

Whether you can believe it or not, HTC has had a serious financial turndown and as a result, HTC has announced a new group within the company which will report directly to CEO Peter Chou.

According to Androidandme, via a source, this division will be dubbed “Studio” and will be tasked with developing “key products” for the company. HTC Studio will include the most talented of engineers and designers in order to get HTC back in front of the competition and “regain the edge in products.”

HTC will also be introducing new products which will not only consist of new phones, but more accessories. This will allow HTC to have as much flexibility as possible to compete with competition like Samsung who seem to be dominating the Android user-base since 2011. This is partially due to HTC only using chips from Qualcomm to power its smartphones, whereas most other competitors turned towards NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chip to power their high-end devices.

The new HTC phones for 2012 are expected to make their debut at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in just a few weeks, and hopefully HTC can turn things around and bring something innovative onto the field.

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dotf said,
HTC need to get on the AMOLED bandwagon, they'd get my business guaranteed.

battery life is something they should fix more urgently. My Surround's 1250mAh barely makes it in a day. I have a charger laying everywhere at home, at work, in my car, in my back pack...

About time. All HTC did for themselves last year was earn a reputation of making poorly differentiated phones with even worse battery life. A good financial sting is just what the doctor ordered.

Good deal, my first 2 phones were HTC since basically, they were it when it came to Androids. Great phones and they both ran well so no real complains. Last 2 phones were Samsung since I didnt like the HTC designs.

Well this can only be a good thing. I look forward to seeing where this takes the company. Hopefully they'll mix it up some.

Well hopefully this will mean HTC stops releasing 500 similar looking phones a year.

Edited by -Razorfold, Feb 7 2012, 7:39pm :

/- Razorfold said,
Well hopefully this means HTC stops releasing 500 similar looking phones a year.

Titan II S anyone?