HTC working on a One variant with Windows Phone and GDR3

Just a mock-up - but HTC's new Windows Phone could look something like this

HTC is currently working on a Windows Phone 8 device that will look similar to the HTC One. While the device is not a simple re-hash of the HTC One, the device will look familiar but not identical.

The device is reported to have a 4 to 5 in display - our source couldn’t get an accurate measurement on the screen size - along with a mostly metal body, Beats Audio, and the GDR3 update for Windows Phone, according to our source.  The One has a 4.7in display, but we are not sure if it is using the same screen for the Windows Phone device.

The phone is expected to be announced in the fall and arrive sometime later in the year. It is believed, but not confirmed, that the phone will use HTC’s UltraPixel technology for the camera too.

It’s not a surprise that HTC would take a device like the One and revise it to fit the Windows Phone model. The One has been well regarded and by putting Windows Phone 8 on the device, the device could be a winner with consumers.

If true, knowing that the GDR3 update should land sometime later this year, we should expect to see the next wave of new Windows Phone devices to arrive around that time as well. GDR3 is expected to bring support for 1080p displays and quad-core processors on Windows Phone 8, so HTC's handset could feature some pretty impressive specs. 

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Mulsivaas said,
I know. I get so jealous when I see MS commercials and videos and stuff where they are all using the latest and greatest flagship devices. I want to find some way to tell them in their face so they get it: I would drop all that money, too, if you were actually available on my carrier. Please. For the love of everything green, make it work somehow. I don't want to continue using my HTC Evo 4G (2010). I've been due for an upgrade since February, waiting for a WP. HURRY, PLEASE.

Well my 'official' end to my contract is November, but ive been asked several times if I want to upgrade early. The funny thing is, Nokia releases like 100000000000000 phones and not one can make it to our carrier? The first thing I said at the last conference was "okay, at least one should be coming" - I was wrong. I'm doing the same thing with the EOS now, crossing fingers it comes to my carrier. But I don't have much hope.

I think the problem isn't Nokia, it's Sprint. Sprint has always seemed to have some dislike towards Microsoft for whatever reason.

There is no reason companies like HTC shouldn't be installing both Android and WP on unified devices. Since I couldn't get a ONE with WP, I'm going with the 925. Their loss.

WP8 don't support 1080p screens and the SoC used in the One. It's Microsoft's fault not HTC's.

I think WP would do much better if MS would get off there arses and support more hardware. It's the tech enthusiasts that go for new stuff first and people like myself are not going to buy a "high-end" phone with last years hardware, no matter how good the camera or OS are.

A fair point, but that isn't the market HTC should be going after to begin with. With their limited resources, a smaller ONE that could swim in both ecosystems seems a better strategy. Almost as disappointing as when I realized it was a 4.7 (LCD) instead of a 4.5" (OLED) screen. Deal breaker.

Anyone silly enough to let petty hardware 'support' for 1080 resolutions or SoC dictate their purchasing choice is going to get a phadlet from Samsung anyway.

Edited by Dashel, Jun 21 2013, 6:39pm :

GDR2 is out in July and it sounds like GDR3 will be out this fall. Does this mean WP8.1 won't be out until early 2014 perhaps?

Edited by Gaffney, Jun 21 2013, 4:56pm :

I know you're being funny but it is not quite the same experience.

The only thing I miss from Android is the pull-down notification center.

Something like this should be showing up on WP in 8.1 *crosses fingers*

I've gone back to Android (Xperia Z) from a L920 because all 4 of my units were faulty. There are things I love about Android, and things I hate about WP8, but hoenst;y, IMO, WP8 is the best mobile OS.

That's based on how I use my phone anyway.

I'm a big custom ROM fan, but never once felt the desire to want that from my Lumia.

This would be a device I would certainly consider. Hopefully also Nokia will come out with a real flagship device in the same timeframe and hopefully, by then, we will also have information about WP 8.1.

Nokia are already testing a number of mid range and high range quad core devices, none of them yet show a full hd screen though, I would expect to see quad core wp devices with gdr3 release later this year. the big upgrade in hardware will be the blue update in q1 2014.

korupt_one said,
Nokia are already testing a number of mid range and high range quad core devices, none of them yet show a full hd screen though, I would expect to see quad core wp devices with gdr3 release later this year. the big upgrade in hardware will be the blue update in q1 2014.

Well, it is said that GD3 will bring quad core and HD screens; WP 8.1 might as well introduce more but by November 2014 we should also see WP9.

I bought the One to use it until the next gen of WP devices arrive. I previously had HTC 8X and Lumia 920.

The One is an awesome device from built quality and design standpoint. Even Sense 5 is very well designed and has well thought out features.

I could buy a similar phone from HTC with WP 8.1 in a heartbeat.


I love my Windows Phone 8X, but the One has much better hardware. I like the size of the 8X more, so hopefully this variant will be closer to 4 inches.

awesome! but the software is still the limiting factor. does not matter how well built the hardware is. MS needs to speed up the pace significantly.

Josh_LosAltosHills said,
I sold my 920 and bought a One and I love it. If HTC made a WP that looked similar but with a 5 inch screen I would seriously think about getting it.

Just out of curiosity - did you sell your 920 because you didn't like its looks?

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