Huawei mocks Apple and Samsung in their latest teaser

Huawei doesn't seem to care much for subliminal nudges at their competitors. Instead, the Chinese based telecommunications company has overtly mocked their largest rivals Apple and Samsung in their latest product teaser, possibly for the much awaited Ascend W3 that was expected to be revealed at CES 2014.

The video shows Siri on an iPhone 5 being asked for details about this year's Mobile World Congress, being told to specifically show "something really amazing." Siri begins to give details about a new tablet "with a beautiful slim design" with emphasis placed on the long battery life, as well as a smartphone with a high quality front camera, and a tablet with 4G LTE support.

The user then asks Siri if the manufacturer of these products is a fruit or Some Song, and Siri reveals that the manufacturer is actually Huawei. The video ends with the Siri-like assistant saying "it looks like Huawei is ready to amaze the world again," seemingly in reference to Apple's slogan for the iPhone 4 "this changes everything. Again."

Outside of the single reference to Some Song, the video was by and large targeted at Apple, which seems to imply that Huawei is more focused on competing with the fruit rather than Samsung.

This isn't the first time a company has used Siri to mock Apple: last year, Microsoft used Siri to show how Windows 8 tablets trump Apple's offering. It also wasn't the first time Siri would promote another product either-- back in 2012, asking Siri "what's the best cell phone ever?" would return an answer of "Lumia 900."

Check the video out below:

Source: YouTube via BGR

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I think this is more of a hit on Apple. I mean look at the phone style...its an iPhone mockup. Look at the icon, its of Siri. The voice is more mocking of Siri. The only hit on Samsung was when he said Some Song which when you have an Asian accent, sounds just like Samsung. In fact, even without an accent, Some Song sounds like Samsung. HAHA!

I like this. Archive it for a later revisit.

Most funny part of Huawei, that in Russian it's name sounds very closely to slang variant of "dick". So in combination with English it sounds like Way of the dick, or something like this for Russians.

i have ascend p1 and the build quality is awful

the sound buttons moved around from the start, now the power button moves around as well
few months after having it i discovered that the screen is not sticked in the middle and on the one side there is enough space to put a sheet or something and it gets filled with dirt all the time

using plastic panels on top scratches the cover off the four corners and when you take the panel off, the phone has scratched corners while you were using a plastic panel trying to protect it from scratches

the performance of the processor is so weak, the phone keeps on freezing even when you dont have any apps or you do a factory reset

if you dont wanna use the power saver battery plan, your battery will deplete every evening and you will have to keep it recharging during the night

the only good thing about the ascend p1 is how it looks, other than that its the worse phone i ever bought, the headphone plugs died within 6 months or so and sometimes the phone goes mute and you have to change volume levels and provoke it to produce sound in order for the sound to come back

its really awesome when you ride your bike and you listen to your favorite music, then the phone goes mute, you have to stop, fiddle with it till it starts playing again, then you get back to riding your bike an in a couple of minutes you have to do the same thing all over again

the charging cable is so short, you might as well get a new basic mini usb one from some store

and im still using 4.0.3 with no news on update, also installing a custom rom can be really difficult, because chances of bricking the phone are even bigger, so you are stuck with what you are given and try to make the best of it

dont ever get huawei crap, its the worst quality of phones ever, dont get a phone that doesnt have its back removeable, and if you get the chance, open the phone and see if its made in china or not, if not take it!

i had a nokia 5130 xpressmusic made in romania and it was the best phone i had, its still working perfectly well, im even considering selling my android somewhere and go back to the old school with it and never bother with smartphone crap again

I don't think all smart phones are crap, you just need to buy a good brand like your Nokia was. I did recently use my Nokia N95 for two days due to a problem with my Nexus. One thing that did amaze me was the battery life. Two days and it never lost a bar. I think that's the only thing older phones have going for them. Its too convininent having an modern smartphone that is always connected.

Apple and Samsung must really love these adverts, free advertising, whats that use siri the built in apple technology to announce your own, Siri must be so good if Huawei use it to find out whats happening at the mobile conference.

What?! A slim tablet? An amazing front camera? THAT. CHANGES. EVERYTHING!

With so much innovation Apple, Samsung and Nokia are all going to end up crying in a corner

That was really painful to watch lol.

I always pronounced Huawei like "Hau-waii"... but based on the commercial it's "wow-wei" lol.

Holy hell, that is one of the worst ads I've seen. Was it made by some Board member's grandson who figured he'd give this whole "marketing" thing a shot?

And honestly I only watched the ad just to see how to pronounce Huawei.

I just wish cell phones would have led flashes on the front of the camera. Or maybe they do, my s3 doesn't and it's annoying.

I fail to see how a tablet with slim design, more battery life, and better front camera come as something "wow" or "amazing"? (sounds like the same, old thing to me). But yeah, I haven't actually seen it, so I should shut my mouth

Ah, but that's precisely the tactic Apple take when they launch a new device. It's "magical" or "revolutionary" etc, when all they did was make it thinner and put a bigger battery in it.

FloatingFatMan said,
Ah, but that's precisely the tactic Apple take when they launch a new device. It's "magical" or "revolutionary" etc, when all they did was make it thinner and put a bigger battery in it.

LOL exactly..

FloatingFatMan said,
Ah, but that's precisely the tactic Apple take when they launch a new device. It's "magical" or "revolutionary" etc, when all they did was make it thinner and put a bigger battery in it.
Be careful what you say. Cheerleader STEVAN will try to hypnotize you into thinking those "magical" words actually are what gets people to buy an iPhone or iPad.