Hulu Plus now has over three million paid subscribers

While it doesn't have nearly as many paid subscribers as the 27 million Netflix has, Hulu is still growing its streaming video service, thanks mostly to its access of current episodes of TV shows one day after they are broadcast. Today, the company announced some newly revised statistics for its service.

The Hulu blog reports, via its CEO Jason Kilar, that Hulu Plus now has over three million paid subscribers. That's over twice as much as the company had at the end of 2011. Hulu also says it generated $695 million in revenue for 2012, up 65 percent from the end of 2011.

Besides its subscription fees, Hulu also gets money from running paid ads inside the videos, although not nearly as many as seen on broadcast or cable TV. Hulu did not specify how much of its revenue came from ads in 2012 but did say that it now has over 1,000 ad clients, up 28 percent from a year ago.

Hulu Plus can now be accessed via 320 million Internet connected devices, according to the blog. That number does not include desktop or laptop PCs. Hulu released a dedicated Hulu Plus app for Windows 8 just before the launch of Microsoft's latest OS.

Like Netflix, Hulu has been offering up some exclusive content for its subscribers including Spoilers with Kevin Smith and more. The blog stated:

We launched more than 25 Hulu Exclusive and Original Series combined, and signed new agreements with the likes of CBS and WWE, just to name a few. We are extremely proud of the TV series we released in 2012, and are excited about the slate of original series and exclusive series coming to Hulu in 2013.

Source: Hulu blog | Image via Hulu

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And it would have three million and one if only I could get it easily in the UK.

I know that there are ways of getting access to it in the UK but they seem more hassle than they're worth.

True, its further limited in the ad playback than the free option, and has a huge catalog compared to the free option, and it also works on mobile devices, and its in HD rather than 480p.

It does have ads though. When did that happen?

Just wish it was internationally available in commercial-free HD to any device... Right now they have about 1% of the US populous paying... International availability I bet their $0.7B revenue would jump to 7B very quickly. 1% of the world is like 7 million.. Also any US resident can say 'sux travelling' with their current model

Maybe the Australian ISP will help push this.

Edited by srbeen, Dec 17 2012, 10:23pm :

People pay for cable TV, where the networks in their package run ads, and nobody gets upset. Why is Hulu any different?

ozzy76 said,
Citation needed.

OK. I hear people complain about cable prices, but I never hear people complain about FX, TBS, and MTV running commercials.

I haven't paid for television in almost 6 years. I'm sure I'll never pay for it again.

I get about 30 HD channels from in and around Toronto and Buffalo for free with a little antenna. Anything else I'll just download without commercials and watch whenever I've got the time.

Edited by timster, Dec 17 2012, 11:15pm :

if they displayed ads on the side of the video, i wouldn't mind, but having ads play in the middle with a paying account is just ridiculous... i mean...c'mon.

TurboShrimp said,
I will never pay for a service that Forces me to watch Adds what a joke Hulu is

Adds what? 2+2? Or is it for Attention Deficit Disorder?

PS: *AD*. Short for ADvertisement.

I would pay if they ditch the adds on the pay side. I find it funny they announce there are limited commercials when they have more generally than the original show did.

At least I can FF through on my DVR.

It's not a bad price since I don't have cable and just supplement Netflix. The commercials aren't nearly as bad as OTA and now that they removed commercials from childrens shows, it really is a nice value.

Plus I get enough free Hulu just by using bing rewards..