Hulu won't be coming to the UK, talks abandoned

If you live in the UK and have been waiting to get in on some Hulu action, you can forget about it.  Hulu has reportedly abandoned its plan to bring the popular US based service to the UK after talks failed to gain any traction.

According to the, “Hulu, the US video aggregator, has been forced to abandon plans to launch a UK version of its web TV service after talks with the major British broadcasters have collapsed”.  They state that the negotiators for Hulu were unable to gain any traction in the UK among senior broadcasting executives.  “Hulu’s talks with ITV have come to a halt because the broadcaster wants to focus on growing its own catch up service – ITV Player and not syndicate its content out to a third party at the moment.

Essentially the TV networks want to grow out their own service and not be dependent on a third party to distribute its content.  Because of this, Hulu’s business model does not align with that of UK broadcasters.  The Telegraph also reports that a source close to Hulu has said that it has not completely ruled out a service launch in the UK, but this setback will take some time to overcome.  

Hulu has been a major success in the United States and this news will surely come as a disappointment to those living in the UK; what is not certain though is how this plays out for the rest of Europe. 

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hulu is the is next best thing for tv for americans, most of us now just turn to it for a source of tv i personally can't stand the rates i got from satellite they were to demanding for channels i never wanted anyways.

It's sad that most uk tv viewers won't get to see some of the shows from us and its sad that i won't get to see alot of the uk sci fi type shows they have.

I just wonder, do they really make less when they allow people to see their content overseas?

This is sad news, at least for now, I was really looking forward to hulu arriving this year, especially for US content.

@akav0id still has plans for a catchup service as far as I know.

Shiranui said,
Use a proxy if you must use HULU for your US TV fix, rather than just torrenting.

It's what I do to watch BBC programs.

We already have Seesaw and MSN Video Player, as well as each of the broadcasters providing catch up services on their own websites AND providing streaming Freeview channels Hulu was bringing nothing new anyway (since they wouldn't have been bringing US TV shows).

Shame, but still enjoy Hulu thanks to US VPN's. It is a much better service than any of our own on-demand services, including iPlayer.

No different than not being able to get BBC player in other countries. Content providers are too restrictive. Don't worry about it though, Hulu is ruining their service anyway with the subscription junk.

Saburac said,
No different than not being able to get BBC player in other countries.
It is actually. The bulk of the BBC is paid for by UK tax payers, hence the limitation.

Folks who support Hulu, support a tiered, locked up, georestricted Internet
really doubt content was ever intended to have boarders
screw Hulu and services like it

Examinus said,
The offerings we have at the moment are fine. iPlayer is exceptional.

Very true. Even with that monstrosity that is BBC 3, we have, without a doubt, the best TV station in the world.

I would have wanted Hulu for American content, not British... So no biggie if they were just going to use itv.

acnpt said,
I would have wanted Hulu for American content, not British... So no biggie if they were just going to use itv.

aggreed, if hulu ever do get started in the UK i hope they can talk with broadcasters so UK get US and US get UK content.